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Application & Admission

Entry Requirements

In order to apply for the MSc Economics you have to fulfil the entry requirements and prove your aptitude for the program. In case one or more of the required proofs are missing, your application has to be rejected.  

You can apply to the Master's program before having completed your Bachelor's degree!

Your application package should also include a letter of motivation and a CV. Students wishing to attend the Science Track should submit an extended abstract of their already completed Bachelor's Thesis or an exposé if the Thesis is still work in progress (800 words maximum, the list of references of the Thesis should also be appended). Equivalent work such as a research article can also be submitted.

In your application you must indicate whether you want to attend the Applied Track or the Research Track. Students preferring the Science Track, but qualifying rather for the Applied Track automatically get considered for the Applied Track in the Selection Process.

Application Deadlines

The application deadlines for the rolling admissions process and notification schedules for successful applicants can be found



Procedure for Application and Enrolment

ATTENTION: Priority deadlines I and II do NOT have a waiting list. You can only be put on the waiting list if you apply within priority deadline III.

Deadline Ino waiting list
Deadline IIno waiting list
Deadline IIIwaiting list available


If you apply within priority deadline I and you are rejected, you can apply again in priority deadline II or III. If you apply within priority deadline II and you are rejected, you CANNOT apply again within priority deadline III. The reason is that you will only be notified of your rejection when priority deadline III is already over.
To increase your chances of receiving an offer, you can apply within priority deadline I and, in case of rejection, you can apply again within priority deadline III (which is the only priority deadline with a waiting list).

We recommend third-country nationals to apply early. Visa procedures can be time-consuming. Therefore the visa process should be started as soon as you receive your offer.

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FAQs about the Application Process