A Barrier-Free Campus

Right from the get-go, barrier-free accessibility was one of main design goals when planning and building Campus WU. WU is designed to be a living, working, and learning space for all our students, faculty, and staff. There are wheelchair spaces in all auditoriums, audio induction loop systems for people with hearing aids, and orientation and guidance systems for people with vision impairments, to name just a few of the many barrier-free accessibility features on campus.

The WU Campus Management team is constantly evaluating and implementing measures to further improve accessibility on campus.

WU’s interactive campus map includes information about barrier-free restrooms, ramps, evacuation chairs, and quiet rooms.

Interactive WU campus map


kilometers of tactile paving

The tactile guidance systems on Campus WU help blind and visually impaired people to find their way around campus. WU’s tactile guidance and orientation system includes about 1.5 kilometers of tactile paving.


audio induction loop systems

This assistive listening technology is used in WU auditoriums and event rooms to broadcast speech directly to the hearing aids worn by people with auditory impairments. In this way, people can use their hearing aids to receive amplified, interference-free audio signals.


barrier-free restrooms and showers

WU offers barrier-free restrooms and showers designed specifically for people with reduced mobility, who need more space, higher hygienic standards, and accessories that are mounted lower down on the walls. WU’s interactive campus map shows all restrooms with barrier-free accessibility.

Gregor Bauer

Gregor Bauer

Campusmanagement / Physical Accessibility Project Group