Campus Management

Day- and Rental Lockers

Day Lockers

A WU student ID or library card is required to use the day lockers. The use of the day lockers is only possible during the building's opening hours, after which the lockers are cleared by the security office. The removed items can then be collected from the security center starting from the next working day for a flat fee of 10€.

If you have any problems or queries, please contact the library counter or the security center under +43-1-31336 4000.

Rental Lockers

There are no more free rental lockers for the current semester and, without exception, no more opportunities to register.

For the allocations for the winter and summer semester 2024/25, registration by e-mail with name and matriculation number will be possible again from August 12, 2024.

For general questions regarding rental lockers, please continue to use this e-mail address: