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Library & Learning Center

Campus WU Library & Learning Center

The external appearance of the building is characterized by contrasting sections of light and dark. Colored fiber-reinforced concrete was used to construct the façade. The two building segments are separated by a seam of glass.

The main entrance of the building faces the campus' central square, the WU Stage. The cantilevered roof extending towards the square makes the entrance instantly recognizable. The building's massive exterior is furrowed with narrow, canyon-like divisions and made up of two sections. Once inside, the Forum and the entry area are made to feel like extensions of the square outside. The generously proportioned atrium also serves as WU's main reception area. Wide, spiral ramps and stairways lead from the entry area up through the OMV Central Library, which extends funnel-like through 6 stories of the building. The top two floors are dedicated entirely to the library, where the wide, glass-fronted student work area offers a breathtaking view of Prater Park. The building's interior consists of a mix of self-study zones and student service units on the lower floors, combined with library space and spectacular views of the campus on the upper stories. The overall impression is of one generous open space extended over several levels.

In addition to the library and the student service units, the LC also houses the WU shop, as well as both Ceremonial Halls, a club lounge, the International Office and the WU ZBP Career Center. WU students now have access to all academic services in one location: from admissions, enrollment, and IT services, all the way to graduation ceremonies and career support services.

Key Facts

  • Architects: Zaha Hadid Architects, Hamburg

  • Total floor space: approx. 41,000 m2

  • 1,500 student workstations

  • Cantilevered roof with monitor