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Campus WU Departmentgebäude 4

The geo­met­ric façade fea­tures a play­ful ar­range­ment of par­al­lel­o­grams with dy­nam­ic­ally placed win­dows, also based on a pat­tern of in­ter­sect­ing par­al­lel­o­grams. Fold­ing alu­minum shut­ters provide pro­tec­tion from dir­ect sun and give the façade an ever­-chan­ging ap­pear­ance. While spa­cious and ram­bling, the build­ing has a well-defined cent­ral point, from which vari­ous con­nec­tions branch off.

The entry area is the main hub for ac­cess­ing the of­fices, the café, and the Lib­rary for So­cial Sciences located on the ground floor of the build­ing. The front of­fices of three De­part­ments as well as five Re­search In­sti­tutes on four up­per levels are also ac­cess­ible from this cent­ral core. Ad­di­tional De­part­ment of­fices are dis­trib­uted over two stor­ies of the build­ing, con­nec­ted by in­ternal stair­cases. Sem­inar and pro­ject rooms are located in sep­ar­ate, slightly raised ele­ments on the ground floor, as are the self-study zones. The in­terior design is based on the same par­al­lel­o­gram pat­tern as the façade, cre­at­ing hall­ways, ad­di­tional func­tional areas, and stor­age space.

De­part­mentsRe­search In­sti­tutes
Eco­nom­icsCom­pu­ta­tional Meth­ods
Fin­ance and Stat­ist­icsEco­nom­ics of Aging
So­cioeco­nom­icsHu­man Cap­ital and Devel­op­ment
Reg­u­lat­ory Eco­nom­ics
Spa­tial and Real Estate Eco­nom­ics


Key Facts

  • Ar­chi­tects: Estu­dio Carme Pinós S. L., Bar­celona

  • Total floor space: ap­prox. 16,000 m2

  • "Tet­ris" façade