Departments 3 and Administration

The organic-looking ensemble made up of department building 3 and the AD administrative building was designed by British architect Sir Peter Cook and CRABstudio. The complex extends from the west entrance to the center of the campus and forms the southernmost element of Campus WU, neighboring the Prater Park. At ground level, the two buildings have closed façades with reduced window surfaces, except for the library reading areas, the lounge in the seminar room area, and the bakery, which have fully glazed façades. The upper levels are characterized by the colored bands of the striped façade, ranging from dark orange to pale yellow, separated by windows. Untreated silver fir planks are mounted horizontally and vertically on the façades of both buildings, giving them a lively structure. They also provide protection from heat and are a visual reference to the trees of the neighboring Prater Park.

The complex includes numerous passages, niches, terraces, atriums, and open spaces with benches that offer a quiet atmosphere and attractive views of the park. The Library for Law is the central element of the department building. The roof of the library rises ten meters above ground level in a series of patio-like terraces, which are landscaped and serve as zones for rest and communication.

As in all other department buildings, the D3 ground floor is dedicated to academics, with friendly and colorful auditoriums, seminar rooms, and study areas. During breaks, students can meet up in a glass-fronted lounge. An external stairway next to the landscaped terrace provides access to the department rooms on the upper levels of the D3 building. This part of the building also has a second entrance, which leads to the Library for Law with its spectacular project rooms reminiscent of colorful floating nests. The colors used on the exterior can also be found in the office spaces inside the two parts of the complex, which feature yellow window frames and colorful accents on the walls and ceilings.

The AD building houses of the Rector's Office, parts of the WU administration and departments. There are a number of conference rooms on the ground floor. A semicircular extension of the building on the ground floor houses a bakery, where staff and students can treat themselves to highquality baked goods.

Key Facts

  • Architects: CRABstudio, London

  • Total floor space: approx. 20,000 m2

  • Two-part complex

  • Yellow-orange-red façade faced with wooden planks