Departments 2 and Student Center

This building complex with its wavy, black-and-white façade was designed by Japanese architect Hitoshi Abe. The two long, gracefully curved buildings are constructed of stacked layers, providing optimal lighting and ventilation. The distance between the units is calculated to allow for a maximum of natural light in the interior. The elegant, wavy shapes and the black-and-white patterns are also found within the building.

Small, interconnected plazas between the building segments serve as forecourts for the individual department entrances and meeting places for the WU community – students, teachers, and researchers. The entrance areas of the individual departments are designed as atriums where the paths of all building users cross.

Most of the student facilities are located on the ground floor of the complex. Areas for academics and student life are separated into different zones, but remain closely connected. The south side of the complex is dedicated to academics, with classrooms, project rooms, student lounges, and independent study areas. The north building is dedicated to student life and houses the offices of student organizations, the athletic center, a supermarket, a restaurant, and a bookstore. On the upper levels, there are office spaces and lounges for faculty and staff members of several departments.

Key Facts

  • Architects: Atelier Hitoshi Abe, Japan

  • Total floor space: approx. 23,000 m2

  • Two building segments

  • Millefeuille façade