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In the Classroom

You can expect WU to

  • provide a sufficient number of courses for you to be able to pursue your studies efficiently. This does not mean, however, that you are always entitled to a place in the course of your choice. Sometimes it will be necessary to take a class held at a different time or by a different instructor than would have been your first choice.

  • do our best to increase the number of existing places in classes that are in particularly high demand, or organize additional classes in these subjects (e.g. as part of WU’s study acceleration programs).

  • provide you with important information on your courses early (via various channels, for example the course catalog, LEARN, Canvas, etc.), so that you can plan ahead.

  • notify you as soon as possible if classes are canceled or re-scheduled. You will usually be notified by your course instructor, through WU’s text messaging service, or by email.

WU expects you to

  • register only for those courses that you will actually attend. If you have registered for a course that you cannot or do not wish to attend, please cancel your registration as soon as possible in order to free up a place in the course for a colleague.

  • regularly attend the classes you have registered for. Many classes, especially those held in small groups, need an active exchange of opinion and knowledge to “work.” Your participation contributes to the quality of your classes.

  • follow the rules that apply to your individual courses. Before the first class of any course, your instructors will inform you of attendance requirements, types of assessment, consequences of missing a class without an excuse, etc.

  • prepare individually for classes and revise materials after/between classes. In short, courses require much more than mere class attendance. 

  • do your part when working on a group project. Free riding, i.e. assigning work to colleagues and profiting from it in the grading process, is not only unfair to the group, but also constitutes an attempt to cheat and will be sanctioned accordingly.

Further information

Course Catalog


Canvas (link will be available soon)

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