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AI and Your Academic Practice

ChatGpt, DeepL or Midjourney are just a few examples of countless AI systems that have already entered various areas of our lives - university teaching is no exception. We would therefore like to give you some ideas on how AI tools can be used in your academic practice. Only use AI for your studies if it has been explicitly permitted by your lecturers and is mentioned in the course syllabus.

Artifficial Intelligence is based on the technology of machine learning. Generative artificial intelligence can generate different types of content by entering prompts. These can be text, but also images, videos or sound.

Below you will find a collection of the most important questions and answers on the topic of AI in higher education.

The information on this page is regularly expanded and updated. Status: December 15, 2023

Will AI be used in courses?

How do I use prompts effectively?

How can AI support me in my studies?

How do I cite AI-generated content?

What difficulties and consequences can arise when using AI?

What about data protection?

Ressources & Workshops

Below you will find selected articles, downloads and audio/video content by experts on the topic of AI. The WU Library also regularly organizes workshops for students.

Further information and workshop dates are updated regularly. Status: January 18, 2024

ResourcesWorkshops offered by WU's Library
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