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Structure & Contents

The Master's in Economics program at WU offers an Applied Track and a Science Track. Students apply to one of the two tracks. Please note there is only limited scope for changing tracks once the program has started.

In the first half of the first semester the mandatory "Foundations of Economics" course is jointly taught for both tracks. Students must pass this course to continue their studies. Each track has seperate mandatory courses thereafter.

Applied Track

The Applied Track curriculum focuses on problem-solving skills based upon a thorough understanding of economic theories and methods. The Applied Track covers a broad range of economic policy and business issues and prepares students for a career in government, business or society. Empirical data analysis is emphasized.

Science Track

The Science Track curriculum emphazise mathematical and statistical foundations and analytically rigorous advanced courses in economic theory and methods. The courses offered in microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics are equivalent to first-year PhD courses. For highly qualified students the Science Track offers a fast-track option into the Economics program at WU.

The program at one glance

Find an overview on courses and the recommended program schedule here.

Course Catalogue

For detailed information about current and past courses including syllabi please see the WU Course Catalogue (eVVZ).