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Admission to the Specializations

Choosing specializations is an important decision you need to make during your bachelor’s program. Your choice of specializations allows you to advance your expertise in a particular area and can influence your choice of a potential master’s program later on. 

WU offers a wide variety of specializations, and additional specializations are added on a regular basis.

Important dates and deadlines for the 2021 summer semester

August 25, 2021Start of registration for the specializations access coursesPlease check WU's online course catalog for details, and exact dates and times
August 30 - September 10, 2021Selection procedures of specializationsPlease check the specializations' websites for details on the selection procedures
September 16 - September 19, 2021Registration period for courses/course 1 of specializations
Please check WU's online course catalog for exact dates and times
Deviating course registration periods for the following specializations:
  • Economics Core
  • Economics Fields
  • Economy, Climate Change and Sustainbility
  • Urban and Regional Economics
  • Interactions of Economy and Society
  • International and European Tax Law

When will I be entitled to apply for specializations/to admission to specializations?

Admission to 20 ECTS specializations

You will need to complete a selection procedure before admission to your chosen 20 ECTS credits specialization. Varying selection procedures apply, depending on the individual specialization.

Step 1: Register for "Access to Specialization" courses (ET)

Step 2: Successfully pass the selection procedure/the Access to Specialization course

Step 3: Register for courses/course 1 of the specialization

Admission to 10 ECTS specializations

It is not required to register for "Access to Specialization" courses (ET) for 10 ECTS credits specializations. Just sign up for course 1 or course 2 on a first-come-first-serve basis in the announced registration periods.

For more information on the specializations, please visit the website of the individual specialization.