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SBWL Information Management and Control

General Information

The SBWL Information Management and Control is a Specialization Program consisting of five courses equaling 10 semester hours and 20 ECTS credits for the Bachelor Program in Business, Economics and Social Sciences. It is offered to students majoring in Information Systems, Business Administration, International Business Administration, Business Law or Business and Economics. All courses of the SBWL are "prüfungsimmanent" according to its examination mode A ("Prüfungsmodus A"). This means that each course is individually graded based on at least three different assessment criteria.



The SBWL IMC can help you prepare with the advanced management skills and IT understanding needed to become a senior manager, auditor, analyst, controller or decision maker in the Information Systems Management field. The specialization is designed specifically for those with an interest in combining management with IT in attempt to achieve strategic and performance objectives in a variety of organizational settings including businesses, government and non-profits. The course integrates various managerial dimensions for developing IT and optimizing IT operations. You will not only focus on traditional efficiency and effectiveness considerations, but also, for example, on innovation capabilities, IT compliance, information security, maturity levels, and environmental IT sustainability. The specialization is of particular importance at this moment in time, when organizations are pressured by weakening markets and scarce capital resources, while becoming increasingly dependent upon IS performance.

Educational Aims

  • Know how to make the right decisions that lead to high performance in IT projects and operations.

  • Understand the typical information systems, information assets and infrastructure in contemporary business.

  • Develop management skills while deepening your knowledge of information systems  

  • Deliver innovations through projects in information systems, IT processes and services, either internally or as an outside consultant.

  • Understand how IS can be evaluated, controlled and audited.

  • Apply frameworks and methods to contemporary IS applications.

  • Acquire critical skills to prepare you for a senior-level position, such as Chief Information Security Manager, IT strategist, or IT risk manager.

Recommended Course of Study and SBWL Structure

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The program structure of the specialization allows students to complete within two semesters. The necessary condition to enroll courses 2 to 5 is the successful completion of course 1. It is advised to take course 2, the second foundation course, immediately after passing course 1. We will ensure that both courses 1 and 2 can be completed within one semester.

Job Profiles

Our specialization program prepares students for many different career options at the intersection of IT and management in particular including:

  • IT Manager / Decision Maker

  • Digital Transformation Manager

  • Organizational Change and Innovation Manager

  • IT Project or Program Manager

  • IT Consultant

  • Information Security Manager

  • IT Auditor

  • Information/IT Quality Manager

  • IT Risk Manager

  • Digitalization Strategist

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