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Bachelor's Thesis

As part of the main program phase, you have to write a bachelor’s thesis worth 10 ECTS credits. The bachelor’s thesis serves as proof that the student is capable of discussing a thesis topic based on independent academic work.

Topic and scope

The topic of the bachelor’s thesis has to be taken from a compulsory subject, a free elective, or a specialization as specified in the curriculum. You can propose a topic of your choice or select a topic suggested by the thesis supervisor or an academic unit. Bachelor’s theses can be based on empirical work, but you have to be careful to make sure that the empirical research does not exceed the appropriate workload for a bachelor’s thesis. Your bachelor’s thesis is worth 10 ECTS credits, which is roughly equivalent to 250 hours of work, or 32 days of full-time work (8 hours per day). Two or more students can work on a joint topic for their bachelor’s thesis, as long as each student’s individual contribution can be clearly identified and graded separately. The combined workload involved in writing a joint bachelor’s thesis is proportionally higher than that required for a single-author thesis. For information on WU’s regulations regarding plagiarism, please click here.

Thesis supervision and the writing process

All WU academic staff members who hold a doctoral/PhD degree are entitled to supervise bachelor’s theses, regardless of whether they are teaching any courses in the current semester. To find out which potential supervisors are available, please contact the respective academic unit directly. When working on your bachelor’s thesis, you should have several meetings (usually at least four) with your supervisor to discuss your progress and any questions or problems that may arise.