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Workshop 2 (WU PPP 2023/24)

Career planning, application and self-presentation in academia

The workshop is designed for early career researchers and offers the opportunity to systematically prepare for your next career steps in academia or non-university institutions after your doctorate. In the first part of the workshop, you will learn about the different types of positions and academic career paths available in Austria and internationally, and you will reflect on which of these options suits you and your career aspirations. If an international orientation of your career path is appealing to you: what should be considered from a strategic perspective? When is a good time for a stay abroad? What criteria are important when deciding on a stay abroad and where are the possible pitfalls? Building on this, you will familiarise yourself with the typical application procedures for different positions: What are important rules when applying for academic positions and fellowships? How does a convincing application portfolio look like and how can a good fit with the announcement be achieved? To what extent do the roles of applicants differ in the various selection procedures (e.g. fellowship, postdoc position, junior research group leader, assistant professor)? How are the procedures designed in detail and what (explicit and implicit) expectations, goals and challenges are associated with them? A special focus is set on the optimal preparation of your performance in front of a selection committee. In addition to special presentations and talks that may be required, the emphasis will be on the interview. You will develop individual and convincing answers to "typical" and possibly challenging questions in interviews and you can anticipate and train how to deal with difficult situations by using role plays. Moreover, you will learn methods with which you can access your resources and strengthen yourself during the application phase. The workshop is rounded off with an outlook on the possible results of application procedures: How do you make your selection for or against an offer and how can you deal well with rejection?

To prepare for the workshop:

Before the workshop, I would like to ask for your expectations and interests with a small preliminary questionnaire. This will allow me to prepare the workshop as precisely as possible according to your needs. In addition, you will receive access to digitally prepared information (videos, elearnings, checklists) on academic career paths, the respective requirements and how to organise the different phases of application procedures. These asynchronous elements make it possible to use the time in the workshop primarily for interactive methods, discussion and training units with individual feedback.

Focal points:
  • Academic career scenarios and career development on an international scale: Frame conditions, facts and figures, possible career paths, qualification requirements, explicit and implicit standards in different academic cultures

  • What fits your ideas and wishes?

  • Going international: dos and don'ts

  • Selection processes for different types of positions: possible differences and variations in the process flow

  • Checklist for comprehensive preparation for an application (finding job advertisements, information in advance, communication, strategic aspects)

  • Optimal design of written application documents (cover letter, CV, usual attachments, research, teaching and other concepts)

  • Comprehensive preparation for the appearance in front of a selection committee (scientific talk, teaching unit, interview, assessment center)

  • After the application: negotiations, decision for or against an offer, dealing with rejection


Dr. Margarete Hubrath

Portrait photo of Dr. Margarete Hubrath

Since 2001 nationally and internationally working as trainer, consultant and coach in academia; founder and director of uni-support / Düsseldorf/Krefeld

Qualification as coach for individuals and teams (ISP/DGfC)

Co-founder of "Coachingnetz-Wissenschaft" in 2005

1988 – 2001 research and teaching at several universities and a nonuniversity research institute

Training focus
  • Individual career counselling and coaching for scientists and academics

  • Preparation for application and appointment procedures in various science systems

  • Leadership and management in science

Experience specifically with application trainings
  • since 2004, application and appointment trainings for various universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

  • since 2006 training in preparation for appointment procedures at universities of applied sciences

  • 2007-2008 appointment training for European academics in preparation for appointment procedures in several European countries within the framework of the EU project "Encouwomsci

  • since 2003, individual coaching in preparation for appointment procedures

  • since 2009, application and appointment trainings in university medicine

  • since 2013, regularly conducting appointment trainings for international procedures

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Workshop 2 (WU PPP 2024/25)