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Career Prospects

Possible professional applications include but are not limited to

  • Information Systems Development:
    Designing, developing and launching business application systems, e.g. based on internet technologies.

  • Research:
    Theoretical and applied research on new forms of designing and using information technologies.

  • Business consulting:
    User support in product planning, implementation and product use, as well as planning and holding training sessions.

  • Marketing:
    Marketing innovative hardware and software products.

Qualification Profile

What future employers say

“WU's Information Systems program unifies a management-oriented approach with an expert-level methodology. A broad common body of knowledge provides largely timeless fundamentals that provide the connection to current research. This is a master program I can recommend unconditionally."

Josef Matulka, CEO, Capgemini Austria

“Knowledge that does not steadily increase, decreases, a proverb goes. There is no better way to describe the term "knowledge society". Therefore, IBM is investing heavily in research and development. Similarly, knowledge is essential for Austria as a location, which means that we urgently need an "education center". To me, the Vienna University of Economics and Business is one of the key players in this context. Therefore, we have maintained a spirit of partnership for a long time, to our mutual benefit.”

Tatjana Oppitz, CEO IBM Austria

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Extracurricular Activities