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Digital Ethics and Sustainability

Digital Ethics and Sustainability I

Learning Outcomes: After attending this course students will have a deep insight into concrete values relevant for sustainable and ethical IT systems, including trust, transparency, dignity, autonomy, control, privacy, safety and community. They will know what these values stand for and how they can be fostered through system design.

Content: This course gives students a deep insight into how accountable and responsible system design can be achieved through various technology values. This implies:

  • an introduction to online trust

  • an introduction to online community

  • an introduction to IT system safety & security

  • an introduction to online dignity

  • an introduction to digital autonomy & control

Digital Ethics and Sustainability II

Learning Outcomes: After attending this course, students will have a good overview of Digital Ethics and its influence on social progress and wellbeing.

Content: Students will get an insight into the following matters:

  • the historic concept of progress and innovation

  • ideas of humankind reigning in the digital age

  • differences between human and artificial intelligence (incl. nature of the digital fabric)

  • common approaches to digital ethics in corporations (incl. value lists and principles)

  • conception of knowledge in the digital age and its importance for human wellbeing