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Collaborative Consumption

The Impact of Power on trust and cooperation in the field of sharing economy

In May the three-year project „Collaborative Consumption – Trust, power and cooperation“, funded by the Austrian Science Fund started at the Competence Center for Empirical Research Methods with Mag. Dr. Eva Hofmann as project leader. With collaborative consumption, consumers no longer own a good, but temporarily have access to this good. The aim is to investigate how power of authorities providing collaborative goods impact trust and cooperation in collaborative consumption and the sharing economy. A big variety of different studies are planned including focus groups, online questionnaires and experiments. Mag. Dr. Barbara Hartl, ao. Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr. Elfriede Penz, MAS, Eur. Ph.D., Sarah Marth, MSc and Mag. Thomas Sabitzer are part of the team. The project is a successor to the project "The impact of power of authorities on trust in authorities and consequences on tax cooperation" (


11.04.2019: Eva Hofmann, Barbara Hartl and Ann-Marie Ingrid Nienaber are currently editing a Reseach Topic in Frontiers on the "Sharing Economy and the Issue of (Dis)Trust." The submission deadline is January 6, 2020 and the call for papers can be found here. Flyer can be found under news

29.11.2018: der Standard - report on the Sharing Economy: The business of sharing - Interview with Eva Hofmann

12.11.2018: - Community gardeners want clearer rules, but no penalties

09.-12.07.2018: Macromarketing conference Leipzig

12.07.2018: Kinderuni - Workshop from Sarah Marth, MSc with the topic "Teilen - borgen - Tauschen"

27.-29.06.2018: Ishare - conference to the sharing economy in Mannheim

19.06.2018: School visit of the Vienna Business School Akademiestraße - presentation of Sarah Marth. MSc to the sharing economy

13.04.2018: The FWF project is represented at the Long Night of Research at the JKU in Linz with an interactive poster on the "Sharing Economy"

19.02.2018: Ö1 "Dimensionen" - Motives for joining the sharing economy  - interview with Eva Hofmann, Barbara Hartl and Sarah Marth

January, 2018: Mag. Dr. Barbara Hartl receives funding for "WU Kleinprojekte von Assistentinnen" for her project "Sustainable at home, polluter on holiday? An empirical study on sustainable behavior on holiday "

23.12.2017: Die Presse - Report on the Sharing Economy - Share goods without dire consequences

12.12.2017: Presentation of the project at FWF-Roadshow

15.11.2017: NACHHALTIG - reisen? kleiden? essen?

13.10.2017: der Standard: Report on the Sharing Economy - It's about money: Interview with Eva Hofmann and project team

press releases: "Nachhaltiges Reisen - was Gütesiegel und Zertifikate wirklich bringen" (german only):

10.09.2017:Salzburger Nachrichten / Vorarlberg Online / Tiroler Tageszeitung
/ Vienna Online / Volksblatt / / Salzburg24 / Relevant - Best of Media /

Aktuelle Nachrichten zur Sharing Economy:

30.10.2017: press release "Der Standard" - AirBnB guest killed

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June 14, 2017 (9:00 am to 1:00 pm):

upcoming lecture and workshop event on the use of cameras: 

Methodological workshop on the use of cameras in qualitative research designs

Location: Vienna University of Economics and Business in the AD building, AD.0.114 Conference room 1

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29.09.2017, 16:00, Kick-Off & Ideenpool zu Sonnenparkgestaltung | Weißer Saal

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30.09. bis 7.10.2017, Sonnenparkgestaltung Herbst 2017 |Park

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14.10.2017, 10:30, Gartenpolylog-Filmprojekt im Sonnenpark „Unser Lebensraum ist unser Garten“ |GGsüd, GGnord

Workshop und Kochen/Essen für Gemeinschaftsgärtner_innen

11.11.2017, 14:00:Sonnenpark Pflanzenpatenschaften Herbst 2017 |GGsüd

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