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Digitalization strategy

Digitalization is proceeding at a rapid pace and universities are certainly not immune to the ongoing changes. The digital transformation is impacting research, degree programs, and the services provided at institutes of higher education, where a whole host of internal and external triggers and drivers are accelerating the process. Digitalization and the transformation it brings offer great advantages and potential for improvements, while also presenting some challenges.

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WU plans to face these challenges in part by increasing its focus on the digital economy in research and teaching and expanding the discourse on sustainability into a responsibility discourse. WU is the only economics and business university in Austria taking on a pioneering role in the digital transformation and implementing a university-wide digitalization strategy.

WU’s vision takes advantage of the potential of digitalization for all areas at WU:

The implementation of this digitalization strategy will continue to improve and expand the already high-quality digital portfolio of courses and services available at WU. WU will actively steer the transformation process and the organizational changes it entails with a university-wide strategic focus. The speed and feasibility of implementation will depend on the availability of funds and centralized and decentralized human resources.

WU’s digitalization strategy is based on an increased focus on IT-SERVICES and the WU Innovation Program. These two sectors will work together while pursuing different goals. As WU’s central IT services provider, IT-SERVICES will furnish an infrastructure to link disciplines, first-rate research and teaching, secure and efficient administrative processes, and a teaching and learning environment shaped by innovation that promotes students’ creativity. As an open initiative, the Innovation Program will test and, when successful, implement new digital processes and applications for teaching, research, and administration.