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About DIBT

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About DIBT

The Doctoral Program in International Business Taxation (DIBT) offers an excellent doctoral education to outstanding students from all over the world, fully preparing them to conduct research on international business taxation. DIBT provides high-quality interdisciplinary training for graduates in the field of international taxation, including and combining the disciplines of public finance, international tax law and cross-border tax management.

DIBT focuses on high-quality academic education and internationally competitive research. It is aimed at the future elite of scholars and provides interdisciplinary training in taxation of enterprises' cross-border activities, drawing on and combining the core disciplines public finance, international tax law, and cross-border tax management. By then expanding tax training to non-traditional yet highly relevant disciplines such as economic psychology, history, political science, ethics, and legal philosophy as well as organizational behavior and decision making, a broadening of horizons and a more comprehensive approach to research questions is achieved.

Many of the DIBT graduates have remained in academia and are on the way to becoming professors themselves, and are making significant contributions in their particular research areas. Others have joined national or international organizations or work in the private sector. They remain closely linked to the DIBT Program.

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