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Teaching Center 5.12

13:00 - 15:00

Marketing Research Seminar Series

Promotions and Demotions of Business-to-Business Customers in a Multi-Tier Loyalty Program: Effects…

Teaching Center mehrere

10.07. - 12.07.

Kinderuni Wirtschaft

Die Kinderuni Wirtschaft findet in diesem Jahr zum fünften Mal im Teaching Center der WU statt.…

Departments 5 D5.0.001

19.09. - 20.09.

2nd International Conference on Data Science in Finance with R (DSF-R)

The Academy of Data Science in Finance is pleased to announce the 2nd International Conference on…

Library & Learning Center Forum


Antrittsempfang des neuen Rektorats

Wir freuen uns, Sie zum Antrittsempfang des neuen Rektoratsteams einzuladen.

Summer feeling on Campus WU: A look back at this year’s WU Summer Celebration

Yesterday, June 13, WU Vienna welcomed over 8,500 guests to its annual Summer Celebration on Campus WU. WU faculty, staff, students, partners, alumni, and area residents came together to celebrate the…

WU programs in high demand: Admission procedures started for all bachelor’s programs

May 15 marked the end of the registration period for WU’s three bachelor’s programs: Business, Economics and Social Sciences; Business and Economics; and Business Law. WU’s programs are in high demand…

One bachelor’s program, two degrees: WU to add double degree option to the BBE program in fall

The international focus of its degree programs is one of WU’s key strategic objectives. In the past winter semester, WU launched the Bachelor’s Program in Business and Economics (BBE), Austria’s first…

WU Activities in Support of Refugees

WU is carrying out a number of activities and initiatives for refugees in different areas.

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