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Internationalization and Internationality: “Zentrum für Auslandsstudien” renamed “International Office”

On July 1st, 2020, the new name is official.  The German name “Zentrum für Auslandsstudien” was replaced by „International Office“, which reflects the broad and diverse responsibilities of our service unit. Going by the new name, we want to express how important internationalization and internationality are to us at WU. We enable students, faculty members, and administrative staff to pursue their international exchange experience. At the same time, we support the incorporation of international competences in WU study programs. True to the motto: “Internationalization at Home”. Other benefits of the name change are the consistent communication in German and English as well as an adaption to names of other service units at WU.

Welcome to the International Office!

New experiences breed innovation. As an open-minded, international university, WU encourages its students, faculty, and staff to spend time at one of our 240 partner universities or at an International Summer University abroad and appreciate the diversity incoming students and researchers bring to our campus.

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