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WU Executive Academy

Campus WU Gebäude Executive Academy

The EA build­ing is a com­pact sev­en­story tower based on a mono-ma­ter­ial design prin­ciple. The outer façade is made of glass and alu­minum. Dif­fer­ent de­grees of trans­par­ency, from opaque to com­pletely trans­lu­cent, re­flect the sky and the sur­round­ing green­ery, in­teg­rat­ing the build­ing per­fectly into its en­vir­on­ment. The up­per levels of­fer spec­tac­u­lar views of Vi­enna's city center and the nearby Prater Park. The pat­tern of the win­dows ap­pears ran­dom, but ac­tu­ally fol­lows a spe­cific al­gorithm.

The build­ing is di­vided into three func­tional areas: Four levels house open­plan of­fices, and the up­per levels serve as teach­ing and self-study areas for WU Ex­ec­ut­ive Academy stu­dents. The ground floor in­cludes a mul­ti-pur­pose event venue that can be par­ti­tioned with flex­ible di­viders and ad­ap­ted to suit all kinds of events. The EA build­ing also fea­tures a café with spa­cious out­door seat­ing on the ground floor and a res­taur­ant and bar on the roof level. Both the café and the res­taur­ant are open to the pub­lic.

The over­all mono-ma­ter­ial con­cept based on alu­minum and glass is car­ried over into the in­terior of the EA build­ing. Floors, wall pan­el­ing, and light­ing ele­ments throughout the build­ing re­flect this uni­form design. Con­trast­ing ac­cents provided by ad­di­tional ma­ter­i­als, col­ors, and design ele­ments high­light only a few se­lec­ted areas.

The core of the build­ing houses the el­ev­at­ors and util­ity in­stall­a­tions and forms a con­stant cent­ral ele­ment with a re­flect­ing sur­face around which all other rooms are grouped. Un­treated, seam­less sur­faces such as pol­ished con­crete floors and raw ce­ment walls char­ac­ter­ize the in­terior, while car­pets and cur­tains provide warm ac­cents in the of­fice, teach­ing, lounge, and wait­ing areas. Heavy cur­tains are used for noise re­duc­tion.

Key Facts

  • Ar­chi­tects: NO.MAD Ar­qui­tectos, Mad­rid

  • Total floor space: ap­prox. 6,000 m2

  • Six stor­ies

  • Re­flect­ive façade