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General Information

Library homepage:

Library fronst desk (Borrowing, Library Cards)

Tel: +43 1 31336-4929

Library Information

Tel: +43 1 31336-4990

Opening hours

Library Card & Borrowing

WU students do not need a separate library card. As a student, your student ID card functions as a library card for the duration of your studies at WU.

Most of the books in the Central Library and the Library for Social Sciences collection can be borrowed. Materials in the Library for Social Sciences collection can be borrowed by WU students. The collections of the Library for Law and the Library for Business Languages contain only non-circulating items. This means that materials from these libraries can only be used on-site in the library.

More Information

Loss of Library Card, Blocking a Library Account

WU students who have lost their student ID card can request a duplicate at the Admissions office. In the event of loss or theft of your WU student ID, please have your library account blocked immediately. To do so, please contact the library desk by phone (+43-1-31336 ext. 4929) or email (

Login Information for Requests / Holds

WU login: student ID number (e.g. h12345678) + WU password

Changing the password

Your library password is your WU password which you can change via the Controlpanel application.

I can’t remember my password

Please go to the IT Support Center. By showing a valid photo ID, you will be given a new password.

Information & Consultation

Our team is made up of specialists from all divisions of the WU Library. We offer a broad range of services, providing point-of-need support for your literature research.

Textbook Collection

The textbook collection contains multiple copies of introductory works. The collection is located on level 3 in the Central Library and is freely accessible.

To search for textbooks, please use the textbook collection catalog. You can also find selected basic literature on our pages on basic literature for beginning students.
Only WU students are eligible to borrow works from the textbook collection. A maximum of 5 books can be borrowed at a time. The loan period is 6 weeks and cannot be extended. Textbooks cannot be reserved or put on hold. To borrow textbooks, just take the volume directly from the shelf and use the self-service checkout.

Please note that as a general rule, the WU University Library does not collect lecture notes. On the WU campus, lecture notes can be purchased for instance at the ÖH Bücherbörse book exchange and the Management Book Service (MBS) store.


WU students can use WU's wireless LAN. If you have any technical questions, please contact the IT Support Center.


Insgesamt gibt es im Bibliothekszentrum 1.500 Selbststudienplätze, die in unterschiedlicher Art ausgestaltet sind. Es gibt ruhige Zonen, Bereiche der Kommunikation, Projekträume und Carrels (Nutzung und Onlinereservierung nur für WU-Studierende) und die Mondi Newslounge.

Reservieren von Sitzplätzen

Das Reservieren von Leseplätzen und PC-Arbeitsplätzen durch Ablegen von Gegenständen für einen durchgehenden Zeitraum von länger als 30 Minuten ohne persönliche Anwesenheit ist nicht gestattet. Desgleichen ist es nicht erlaubt, Plätze für andere Benutzer/innen freizuhalten. 

Macht man eine Pause, so stellt man auf der Pausenuhr die Zeit ein, wann man in Pause gegangen ist und legt die Pausenuhr gut sichtbar auf den Arbeitsplatz. So ist der Platz 30 Minuten lang „blockiert“. Ist man nach 30 Minuten nicht zurück, können andere Bibliotheksbenutzer/innen Ihre Materialien beiseite räumen und den Tisch neu belegen. Plätze ohne Pausenuhren dürfen ebenfalls neu besetzt werden.
Wenn Sie die Bibliothek nach getaner Arbeit verlassen, legen Sie bitte die Pausenuhr wieder zurück in die Sammelboxen.

VPN - Remote Access to Electronic Resources

WU students can access most of the University Library's subscribed electronic resources both on and off campus. Please see the IT SERVICES web pages for instructions on how to get remote access to electronic resources.

Study Areas

A total of 1,500 self-study workplaces are available in the Central Library. Different types of workplaces are available for different studying requirements. The library has quiet zones, areas for communication or group work, project rooms (online booking and room use for WU students only), and the Newslounge.

Break timer discs

If you take a break, please get a disc and set it to show the time when you left your workplace, then put it on the desk so that it’s clearly visible. Your workplace will remain reserved for a period of 60 minutes. If you’re not back after 60 minutes, other library users can put your books and items aside and take the workplace. Workplaces without break timer discs are also free for other library users to occupy. When you’re done with your work and leave the library, please put your break timer disc back in one of the boxes.

Reference Management Software

WU offers a university site license for the Citavi and EndnoteWeb reference management software. If you have any questions on how to use Citavi, EndNote Web, and other reference management software, please contact the WU University Library:

Additional information can be found in the WU Library’s eLearning program - Fit4Research.


To get access to the Citavi software, please sign up with your WU email address on this page. You will then receive an email with further instructions for installing the software.

Endnote Web

To create an account, you need to use a computer within the WU network (PCs in the library, your laptop on campus, or via remote access from outside the campus).

On the website you can register your account.

WU Theses

Searching for Theses

The University Library maintains a collection of all academic theses completed at WU, with the exception of bachelor theses. The thesis collection is freely accessible in the shelf area on level -2. To search for a thesis, please use the WU Catalog.

Search examples

Submitting your Theses

You have to hand in one copy of your master thesis to the Examinations Office.
Please find further information on the web pages about the master's thesis.

Binding of Master Theses

The submitted copy of the thesis must be permanently bound in hardcover with a glued spine. Metal clamp binding is not acceptable.

Apart from these requirements, the layout of the thesis is up to the candidate, unless the thesis supervisor has specified otherwise.

Thesis Embargo

The author(s) can request to have an embargo placed on the thesis. More information

Finance Area

Bloomberg, Datastream, and Eikon offer current and historical financial information on individual equities, stock market indices, fixed-income securities, currencies, commodities, and futures for both international and domestic markets. Company profiles and financial statements, analysts’ forecasts, news on worldwide financial markets.


The terminals are located near the Library Information on the second floor of the Central Library. They are designated work terminals and cannot be accessed remotely.

Terminal reservation

Students are able to reserve Finance Area terminals (to access Datastream, Eikon, Bloomberg) independently. An online calendar shows which terminals are available, and they can be booked with just a few clicks.

Reserve a terminal

Terms of use for all terminals

Terminals are available for use by WU degree-program students, faculty, and staff only. Concurrently enrolled students, alumni, and guests are not eligible.

Literature not available at WU Library

Inter-library loans are available if you need books which are not in the WU University Library collection.

The document delivery service is for obtaining articles which are not available at the WU Library.

If you feel that a book or periodical that is not currently listed in the catalog would be a valuable addition to the library’s collection, you can submit a suggestion.