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Studying in the Library

Self-study workplaces

A total of 1,600 self-study workplaces are available in the Central Library. Different types of workplaces are available for different studying requirements. The library has quiet zones, areas for communication or group work, project rooms, and the Newslounge.

Break timer discs

If you take a break, please get a disc and set it to show the time when you left your workplace, then put it on the desk so that it’s clearly visible. Your workplace will remain reserved for a period of 60 minutes. If you’re not back after 60 minutes, other library users can put your books and items aside and take the workplace. Workplaces without break timer discs are also free for other library users to occupy. When you’re done with your work and leave the library, please put your break timer disc back in one of the boxes.

Collaborative project rooms

Many of the project rooms are equipped with interactive screens.

Digital whiteboard:Using the whiteboard function, you can edit the whiteboard simultaneously from multiple devices and on the big screen. Once you have finished your work, you can save the whiteboard to your device.

Big screen and shared video:You can connect your laptop to the screen, so it is visible for everyone and you can edit your files directly on the screen. Additionally, the integrated camera can be used for virtual meetings.

While most of the rooms are located in the Central Library, there is one room in each of the buildings D1, D2, D3 and D4 (further information). WU students can book a room through Rooms.


WU students can use WU's wireless LAN in the libraries. You can get more information on Wi-Fi access on IT SERVICES web pages. If you have any technical questions, please contact the IT SERVICES Support Center.

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