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Double degree programs

Double degree programs are exclusive academic programs offered in cooperation with renowned international partner universities.

Double Degree Programs take two years to complete. Students spend the first year at WU and the second year at the partner university.

Our application deadlines for a stay abroad take place as usual. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we prefer to be reached by phone, Microsoft Teams or email. Personal consultations are also possible by appointment. Your International Office is there for you!

Main features of a double degree program

  • Two academic degrees in one program: After successfully completing the program, participants are awarded an academic degree from WU and one from the partner university.

  • International program: Double degree program students spend half of the program abroad. The double degree program ensures the equivalence of courses completed abroad and eliminating credit transfer issues.

  • Tuition fee waiver: Students are not required to pay tuition fees at the partner university while studying abroad.

  • Intercultural experience and personal development: Integration into the regular academic program at the partner university makes it easier to get to know fellow students, and being abroad for a year supports personal development.


Current double degree options at WU

Curricula for the academic year 20/21

MSc Marketing
Curriculum (exchange stay in the academic year 20/21)
- Curriculum at Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Milano, Italy
MSc Strategy, Innovation, and Management Control
Curricula (exchange stay in the academic year 20/21)
- Curriculum Management at Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Milano, Italy

- Curriculum Economics and Management of Innovation & Technology  at Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Milano, Italy
- Curriculum at Queen's University, Kingston, Canada
- Curriculum at University of Technology Sydney, Australia
- Curriculum at National Chengchi University, Taiwan

Application requirements and application process

Students have to be admitted to the master’s program Strategy, Innovation, and Management Control or Marketing to apply for the Double Degree Program.

Please note: The following students may not apply for a double degree program at Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi:

  • Students who have completed a bachelor's program at an Italian university

  • Students who have applied for a master's program at Bocconi


Online applications for double degree program places are submitted only in the winter semester and at an earlier application date (“application period special programs”). Students in the MSc Strategy, Innovation, and Management Control may apply for all five double degree options available in their master’s program.

In terms of organization, the International Office at WU and the partner university provide support for the exchange period abroad.

The following documents are required:

  • One letter of motivation for all Double Degree preferences: In this document, you have to argue why you are interested in a Double Degree program at a WU partner university and why you are a suitable applicant (in English, max. 3200 characters including spaces, max. 2 MB, PDF-document).

  • CV (should include information about: education, professional experience/internships, international experience, language skills and other skills, photo optional, max. 2 MB, PDF-document)

  • WU master’s & WU bachelor’s transcript (Sammelzeugnis, automatically generated). Students with a bachelor’s degree from another institution have to upload their transcript (Sammelzeugnis) as a PDF (max. 2 MB, PDF-document).


All submitted applications are automatically forwarded to the appropriate academic director of your master program after expiration of the application period. The academic directors rank their students according to their application documents and academic performance. The academic director may also conduct an optional interview.

The International Office will announce the results of the selection process by email about one week after the end of the application deadline. If students are not awarded a double degree place, they can apply for regular exchange places.

Confirmation of foreign academic achievement

After successful completion of your classes from the second year of your studies (see curriculum), please make sure that your transcript from the partner university is sent to your coordinator at the International Office. You will receive a final grade based on your grade average (weighted according to your credits), which will be displayed on your WU transcript for the subject “Double Degree Studies”. You do not have to apply for credit transfer in the Study Service Center; the International Office will arrange for your grade to be entered into the system.