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Credit Transfer

Credit trans­fer On­line Data­base

Ob­tain­ing a Pre-Re­cog­ni­tion Notice and Learn­ing Agree­ment prior to an Ex­change Period Abroad

If you have been nom­in­ated to spend a semester at a part­ner uni­versity abroad, you can go to and sub­mit an ap­plic­a­tion for pre-re­cog­ni­tion prior to your ex­change period to de­termine the equi­val­ence of the courses you plan to take abroad to the courses pre­scribed by the ap­plic­able WU cur­riculum. If you re­ceive an Er­asmus grant, this ap­plic­a­tion also serves to re­quest a Learn­ing Agree­ment.

Please note that you can only sub­mit the on­line ap­plic­a­tion once. You should only sub­mit your ap­plic­a­tion once you know for cer­tain which courses you will take dur­ing your ex­change period abroad. For quick, pre­lim­in­ary in­form­a­tion on courses that are eli­gible for credit trans­fer, please check the on­line data­base for credit trans­fer. All the courses are eli­gible for credit trans­fer – no ad­di­tional con­firm­a­tions are needed.

Be­fore Your Stay at the Part­ner Uni­versity – On­line Ap­plic­a­tion

Dur­ing Your Stay at the Part­ner Uni­versity

After Your Stay Abroad

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