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Joint Study Grants

If you have been nominated for an exchange semester in one of the following regions or countries you are eligible to apply for a Joint Study grant: overseas, Russia, Montenegro and the Ukraine. All important information regarding Joint Study grants can be found on this page.


All WU students enrolled in a regular degree program who have been nominated to spend a period of at least 3 full months and no more than 12 months at a partner university overseas or in Russia, Montenegro and the Ukraine are eligible to apply for a Joint Study grant.

Students can apply for Joint Study grants once per degree level (bachelor and master levels).

International students can apply for a mobility grant for a stay in their home country, but these applications have the lowest priority in the selection process.

Financial information

Joint Study mobility grants are not full grants. They are intended to cover part of the additional living expenses students incur during a stay abroad. They are also dependent on the budget available. This means that the grant amounts may vary depending on the funds available. Please note that students have no legal entitlement to a Joint Study mobility grant. For information on the current grant amounts, pleaseclick here.

WU pays out Joint Study grants in two installments. The first installment (the total amount minus 400 euro) is paid out at the beginning of the stay abroad. The second installment is paid out after completion of the stay abroad if the required documentation is submitted in time.

It is not possible for students to receive a Joint Study mobility grant and other types of grants or scholarships or federal financial aid for a stay abroad (Beihilfe für ein Auslandsstudium) at the same time.

For students who will spend a semester abroad in the summer semester 2020, the payment modalities will change slightly. The first installment will increase by 200 euro, the second installment will be reduced by 200 euro. This way students will have more financial means at the beginning of their semester abroad.

Academic achievement

Proof of minimum academic achievement is required for students who receive a Joint Study grant. The stay abroad should not hinder the student’s academic progress (“no loss of progress” principle). According to this principle, students should complete courses worth 30 ECTS credits in each semester or, for stays overseas, fulfil the requirements of their host university. As proof of academic achievement, students are required to have credit earned abroad transferred to their WU program.

Apart from these regulations, there is also a minimum requirement students must meet to keep their mobility grant. Students who fail to meet the minimum requirements will have to repay their mobility grant. Students must complete at least 15 ECTS credits during stays of up to five months (30 ECTS credits for stays of more than five months) or to complete substantial work on a master thesis, as confirmed by their thesis supervisor. Joint Study grants are not awarded for work on bachelor theses.

Federal scholarships

Students who receive a federal scholarship (Studienbeihilfe) can continue to collect this financial aid during their Joint Study exchange stay abroad if they have full admission to courses and exams in Austria. These students have to apply for additional federal financial aid for a stay abroad (Beihilfe für ein Auslandsstudium, BAS) with the appropriate Financial Aid Office (Austrian Study Grant Authority). Federal financial aid for a stay abroad (BAS) is paid out in addition to the federal scholarship.

Scholarship students have to submit two parallel applications: one for a Joint Study grant and one for federal financial aid for a stay abroad (BAS), to be submitted to the Austrian Study Grant Authority.

If the amount of federal financial aid for a stay abroad granted to a student is lower than the amount of the applicable Joint Study mobility grant, the student is eligible for a WU “top-up” grant to make up the difference.

To view further information and forms (see Downloads section) provided by the Austrian Study Grant Authority, click here (page in German). The SB-AS1 and SB-AS2 forms have to be confirmed by the WU Study Regulations & Credit Transfer office.

How to apply

WU students nominated for an exchange stay at an overseas partner university will receive an invitation to the mandatory Grant & Recognition Session by email to their WU email account. Attendance of the Grant & Recognition Session is mandatory and will be checked. Click here to view the Grant & Recognition Session dates in the current semester. Attendance of the Grant & Recognition Session is also mandatory for students who receive a federal scholarship. At the Grant & Recognition Session, you will get all the information you need for a successful application.

Steps after the mandatory Grant & Recognition Session

Before your exchange

During your stay

After your return