Studierende sehen sich auf einem Tablet gemeinsam etwas in der Lernzone im D3 Gebäude an.


As an Accountant I am indeed somewhat unusual amongst the QFin graduates. However, with increasing complexity in the financial industry, the interconnection of various functions within a banking group becomes inevitable and challenges us every day. A profound understanding of financial instruments and markets is the foundation stone of every career in finance. QFin is a tailor made program that equipped me with what I needed in this regards – including some built-in life lessons about the importance of cooperative work and team play.

Alexandra Staats, Accounting Competence Center, Erste Group

Science Track

The Science Track focuses on preparing students for an academic career. Besides advanced courses in all major fields of finance and numerous electives, special emphasis is placed on academic literature research and scientific writing. Attendance of a weekly research seminar held by the Vienna Graduate School of Finance (VGSF) also gives students the opportunity to participate in the Department’s productive research culture.

Research Seminars

Paper Reading and Writing


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Industry Track

The Industry Track is for students seeking a career as quants in the finance industry. This track focuses on combining financial models with computational skills. Students have the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge in a real-world environment, making use of WU’s numerous corporate partnerships.

Industry Lab


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