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Internship Seminar

Internship Seminar for BBE and IBW students

BBE students completing an internship as an optional part of their curriculum and IBW students completing an internship abroad as part of their IBW international experience have to attend the Internship Seminar for recognition of the internship. Please make sure to fulfill the respective requirements.

1. Does my internship meet the requirements?

Requirements for BBE students

Requirements for IBW students

2. Before the Internship: To Dos in summer semester

Watch our short internship information video

We strongly advise you to watch the video in preparation for your internship.

Optional Q&A Session with Prof. Littich

We recommend to join the Q&A. You are invited to join it in the summer semester before the start of your internship. It is mandatory to watch the video provided by Prof. Littich before the session. Prof. Littich will be online on April 13 at 11 am on MS Teams to answer your questions. Here is the link to the online meeting in TEAMS.


If you are planning on completing an internship in an Erasmus+ country (the 28 EU member states and Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, North Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey), we recommend to check if you are eligible for a grant. Please refer to the website of WU's International Office.

3. Obligatory Internship Approval Form

Internship Approval Form

To make sure that your internship meets the requirements, you have to fill in this form before June 30. You will receive an approval by e-mail. Please note that it may take up to 2 weeks to approve your internship.

4. Take the internship during summer

5. After the Internship: To Dos in winter semester

Ask your internship company for an internship confirmation

Ask your supervisor to fill in and sign this form. Please note that we only accept this form as proof for your internship. Upload it on LEARN, you will find more information in the course description of the Internship Seminar in our online course catalog.

Attend an Internship Seminar in winter semester

In the winter semester following your internship, you are required to register for the Internship Seminar (4 ECTS credits) on LPIS. In this seminar, you will present your internship report and reflect on lessons learned from your work experience with your instructor and fellow students. For further information on dates and times, please consult the course catalog (VVZ).