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Vienna University Preparation Programme (VWU)

The VWU is offered to prospective students of German-taught bachelor's degree programs. You can attend German and subject courses within the VWU if:

  • You cannot yet prove German language skills at level C1 (but at least A2) and/or

  • your secondary school leaving certificate differs significantly from an Austrian secondary school leaving certificate (will be checked when processing your application for admission).

If supplementary exams (e.g.: German, Mathematics, Geography, English, History) are prescribed for you, you must take them before starting the bachelor’s program at WU.

Your steps to admission:

  1. Online Pre-Registration

  2. Submission of Documents

  3. Course Registration at VWU

  4. Admission at WU

  5. Admission to Bachelor's Program


Online Pre-Registration

Please select “University Preparation Programme” during the online pre-registration.

Additionally, registration for the selection procedure for the academic year 2024/25 is required, if:

  • You want to sit supplementary exams without taking preparatory courses and begin the bachelor's program in the winter semester 2024/25 or summer semester 2025.

  • You attend the VWU for only one semester and want to start the bachelor's program in the summer semester 2025.

Submission of Documents

Please submit the following original documents in person or by postal mail:

Study Service Center/Admissions International
LC building, level +2
Welthandelsplatz 1
1020 Vienna

  • Completed application form:

  • Secondary school leaving certificate or degree certificate incl. list of grades (Final Transcript).

  • In case of national university entrance examination: official test result (e.g.: Brazil, China, Colombia, Cyprus, Greece, Iran, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, Vietnam).

  • In case you have already studied at a university: Official Transcript of Records.

  • Translation and legalization of the necessary documents.

  • German language certificate (at least A2, no legalization required).

  • Curriculum vitae, which shows your educational background without any gaps.

  • Copy of your passport (only the page with personal data).

  • In addition, a copy of all original documents listed above.

Your application for admission must be received in full by the Admissions Office:

  • for the winter semester by September 5 at the latest

  • for the summer semester by February 5 at the latest

We recommend submitting the application as early as possible, since the processing of documents takes at least 12 weeks. Keep in mind that further steps may be necessary before the start of your studies (e.g.: application for a residence permit).

If you meet the admission requirements, you will receive a digitally signed admission letter/notification from us.

Course Registration in VWU

  • Step 1: To inform about registration deadlines, course providers and the amount of the course fee at: www.vwu.at.

  • Step 2: To register for the course(s) and pay the course fee.

You can sit for the mandatory supplementary exam(s) without attending the course(s) if you already have sufficient knowledge. Information about supplementary exams and exam dates: https://vorstudienlehrgang.at/en/vienna/supplementary-examinations

Admission at WU

  • Step 1: To make an appointment online after having registered for the course(s).

  • Step 2: To come in person to the Study Service Center for admission to the non-degree program “VWU”. The deadline for this is September 5 in the winter semester and February 5 in the summer semester.

Admission to Bachelor's Program

You can admit to the bachelor's program if:

  • you have passed all necessary supplementary exams in the VWU and

  • you have successfully completed the selection procedure.