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Ordinance governing admission of certain groups of potential students

If you can confirm that you belong to one of the groups of persons listed below, you are subject to the same tuition fees as Austrian citizens (i.e. tuition fees are waived for the minimum duration of your program plus 2 additional semesters). Please submit the required confirmation (original documents only) together with your admission application or for the calculation of your tuition fees.

Eligible groups:   

  • Persons for whom Austria has represented the main residence for a period of at least five consecutive years immediately prior to their first application for admission in Austria, or having at least one legal dependent (parents, husband/wife) for whom such is the case
    Confirmation: Residence registration form; additionally required for persons liable for maintenance payments: birth certificate and/or marriage certificate

  • Persons in possession of a school-leaving certificate from an Austrian school abroad
    Confirmation: Secondary school leaving certificate

  • Persons entitled to reside in Austria pursuant to §§ 3, 8, 13, or 75 (5 and 6) of the Austrian Asylum Act (Asylgesetz 2005), Federal Law Gazette no. 100/2005, as amended, or pursuant to previous asylum-related legislation
    Confirmation: Asylum identity card or official notification of refugee status

  • Persons enjoying privileges or immunities in Austria on the basis of legal provisions or an international treaty; persons in the service of the Republic of Austria who, at the time of obtaining their school-leaving certificates, were resident in a country outside Austria, where they enjoyed privileges or immunities on the basis of legal provisions or an international treaty; the spouses or registered partners of such persons and the children of such persons
    Confirmation: Valid identity card (Legitimationskarte) issued by the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs

  • Foreign journalists accredited in Austria, for whom Austria is the principal country of work; the spouses or registered partners of such persons and children of such journalists
    Confirmation: Press accreditation card (Akkreditierungsurkunde) ·

  • Persons who have been awarded a scholarship for the program they are applying for, either on the basis of the provisions of an international treaty or, to the same amount, from those funds of an Austrian local or provincial authority which, under the financial regulations of that authority, are assigned explicitly for scholarships
    Confirmation: Proof of receipt of the scholarship