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MBA/LLM Programs and Certificate Programs

The enrollment process for applicants who have already received confirmation from the WU Executive Academy that they may participate in one of the WU's MBA/LLM Programs or Certificate Programs is different for each program. Please contact the office of your particular certificate program provider for further details.

If enrollment to your program is not handled by the certificate program provider directly, please proceed as follows:

If you have never been registered at WU before, you will need to provide all the relevant data for enrollment using the online pre-registration system. For completing pre-registration, you will be asked to make an appointment with Admissions (Study Service Center, Building LC, upper level 2). For organizational reasons, no appointments can be made for international students. In this case you will be asked to come to Admissions during opening hours.

Please bring the following documents to Admissions:

  • a valid travel document (passport or national identity card)

  • secondary school leaving certificate or confirmation of the conferral of an academic degree, if applicable

  • confirmation of the program provider that you have been allotted a space in the program

The Admissions staff will inspect the original documents to confirm the information you provided during pre-registration, make sure you fulfill the necessary requirements and confirm your identity.

Participants in university training courses are exempt from tuition fees, therefore only the student association fee (ÖH-fee) is to be paid.

If you are seeking initial admission to one of the MBA/LLM Programs or Certificate Programs, please contact the WU Executive Academy.