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WU Scholarships

Spon­sor­ing WU stu­dents through schol­ar­ships has nu­mer­ous be­ne­fits for donors: By present­ing your com­pany as an at­tract­ive em­ployer, you gain early ac­cess to highly qual­i­fied stu­dents as po­ten­tial em­ploy­ees. Vari­ous forms of co­oper­a­tion are avail­able, de­pend­ing on the fo­cus of donors' activ­it­ies, for example:

WU Top League

WU Top League is a suc­cess­ful Hon­ors Pro­gram for Aus­tria's best first-year stu­dents. The pro­gram is for stu­dents leav­ing sec­ond­ary school with top grades, and sup­ports these high-­po­ten­tial stu­dents dur­ing the in­tro­duct­ory phase of their stud­ies and bey­ond. The pro­gram of­fers in­di­vidual aca­demic coun­sel­ing and at­tract­ive events held by pro­gram spon­sors. Top League has a max­imum of six spon­sors per year. Past spon­sors in­clude Hofer, De­loitte, Porr, Mer­cedes-Benz Wiesenthal, Aus­trian Air­lines, ÖBB (Aus­trian Rail­ways), and Wiener Städtische in­sur­ance com­pany.

Center of Ex­cel­lence

The Center of Ex­cel­lence (CoE) is an Hon­ors Pro­gram for high-­po­ten­tial stu­dents in WU's mas­ter pro­grams. With the help of its spon­sors, the four-semester pro­gram gives stu­dents the op­por­tun­ity to or­gan­ize ex­tra­cur­ricular events on their own ini­ti­at­ive. Other high­lights of the pro­gram in­clude con­tinu­ing edu­ca­tion sem­inars, study trips, com­pany vis­its and re­cre­ational activ­it­ies.

Mag.rer.soc.oec. Johanna Czech
Johanna Czech
Sponsoring & Kooperationen
Julia Fischill, M.A.
Julia Fischill
Zentrale Studierendenberaterin & Webmaster

Mas­ter class CEE

The Mas­ter Class: Eastern Europe is a 2-semester ad­di­tional qual­i­fic­a­tion pro­gram for fu­ture man­agers in the CEE re­gion. This de­mand­ing pro­gram fo­cuses on the fol­low­ing areas:

  • In­tense co­oper­a­tion with cor­por­ate part­ners to en­sure prac­tical rel­ev­ance

  • Spe­cial­iz­a­tion in man­age­ment and con­trolling cov­ers many im­port­ant re­spons­ib­il­it­ies of fu­ture CEE man­agers

  • Team-ori­ented teach­ing meth­ods im­prove so­cial and busi­ness skills. Field trips and com­pany vis­its "on loca­tion" give in­sights into mar­kets and com­pany prac­tices.

  • Coun­try-spe­cific lec­tures and courses in law, his­tory, eco­nomic geo­graphy and in­ter­cul­tural com­mu­nic­a­tion and man­age­ment provide a com­pre­hens­ive back­ground.

  • In­di­vidual lan­guage coach­ing and bi­lin­gual pro­ject work give gradu­ates above-aver­age com­mu­nic­a­tion skills.

Part­ners: Er­ste Bank, Hen­kel CEE, Mondi Pack­aging, Ro­land Ber­ger, STRA­BAG and VIG.

CEE Cercle WU

Aus­trian com­pan­ies were among the first to re­cog­nize and respond to the enorm­ous po­ten­tial res­ult­ing from the open­ing of the Cent­ral and Eastern European (CEE) mar­kets. WU also re­acted to these devel­op­ments early on with nu­mer­ous ini­ti­at­ives in re­search and teach­ing. The Com­pet­ence Center for Emer­ging Mar­kets & CEE was foun­ded at WU to con­cen­trate all WU's CEE activ­it­ies in one place. The Com­pet­ence Center also hosts the CEE Cercle WU, es­tab­lished in April of 2008. The Cercle is an ini­ti­at­ive of WU with the ob­ject­ive of get­ting stu­dents in­ter­ested in CEE stud­ies and po­ten­tial ca­reers in the CEE re­gion. Spon­sor­ing part­ner: Er­ste Group.


In Aus­tria, the level of edu­ca­tion an in­di­vidual will at­tain still de­pends to a large ex­tent on his or her so­cial back­ground. Up­ward mobil­ity in edu­ca­tion is rare: Only one in five Aus­tri­ans aged 25 to 34 at­tain a higher level of edu­ca­tion than their par­ents. This is also vis­ible at WU: Stu­dents from fam­il­ies with low edu­ca­tional levels are un­derrep­res­en­ted at our uni­versity.

The WU4You pro­gram provides schol­ar­ships in­ten­ded to help tal­en­ted high-­po­ten­tial stu­dents from low-in­come fam­il­ies at­tain a higher level of edu­ca­tion than their par­ents. The pro­gram aims to ad­dress its primary tar­get group, po­ten­tial first-­gen­er­a­tion stu­dents, while they are still in sec­ond­ary school. In the pi­lot phase of the pro­gram, we are work­ing with five schools in Vi­enna: BORG 3, Schulzen­trum HTL HAK Un­gar­gasse, HAK/HAS des BFI Wien, BHAK und BHAS Wien 10, BRG/ORG 23.

Mag.phil. Michèle Kirchweger
Michèle Kirchweger
Responsibilities: WU4YOU | WU Absolvent/inn/enmappe | WU Magazin | WU move Guide für Studierende
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