Transportation and Driving

Buses, Streetcars, and Subways

Vienna’s public transportation provider, Wiener Linien, operates all subways and streetcars as well as most bus lines. On weekends, the subway network operates 24 hours a day. You can reach almost any destination in Vienna quickly and safely without using a car. WienMobil

  • Single-journey tickets and 24h, 72h, weekly, or monthly passes are available at the ticket vending machines in all subway stations, at tobacconist shops (Tabak-Trafik) and from Wiener Linien ticket offices. Please note that some tickets (e.g. single-journey tickets or strip tickets) must be punched before starting the ride.

  • Annual passes are available at the Wiener Linien customer service center or can be ordered online. Costs are approximately one euro per day (€ 365 in total).

With tickets purchased from Wiener Linien, you can also use the suburban rail network (Schnellbahn, S-Bahn) operated by the Austrian Federal Railways (OeBB) within the city limits. The S-Bahn connects the Vienna’s surroundings and outer districts to the city center. Timetables 

Public transportation in Vienna

Reaching WU by public transportation

Cycling in Vienna and to WU

Cyclists in Vienna can use a well-developed cycle path network criss-crossing the entire city. The Citybike bike sharing system allows its users to rent and return Citybike bicycles at about 100 bike sharing stations across Vienna. Citybike stations are also located at the south entrance of Campus WU and at the nearest subway stations, Messe-Prater and Krieau. The website allows bikers to plan their routes across the city.

Approximately 1,000 bicycle parking places are located along the bike path circling the perimeter of the campus.

  • EU and EEA driving licenses are valid in Austria. Holders of a driving license from non-EU and non-EEA countries who establish their principal residence in Vienna have to pass a driving test and must exchange their licenses for an Austrian one within six months of taking up residence in Austria. Further details: City of Vienna Motor Vehicle Department (Verkehrsamt der Stadt Wien, pages in German).

  • Parking in Vienna requires a fee in some areas or streets. In short-term parking areas it is necessary to put a pre-paid voucher behind the windscreen as soon as you park your car. You can buy pre-paid parking vouchers (Parkscheine) at petrol stations, most tobacconists (Tabak-Trafik), at Wiener Linien ticket offices, and also at the ticket vending machines in all subway stations. It is also possible to pay the parking fee by cell phone. For brief stops, you can use a free 15-minute parking voucher.

  • Special area-wide parking rules apply to some districts. People taking up their main residence in Vienna can obtain a resident parking permit (“Parkpickerl”) for their home district if there is no garage space is available. Parking in Vienna

  • Parking at WU The underground parking garage is located under the main boulevard running through the campus. The entrance to the garage is on Trabrennstrasse. The garage has 411 parking spaces; 180 spaces are for short-term parking, the rest is reserved for long-term pass holders. There are four exits to the campus from the garage. All exits lead to the outside, so that visitors can enter all campus buildings from their main entrances on the ground floor.                                                                                                                  Permanent parking tickets for the garage at Campus WU can be purchased. For further information, please contact


In Vienna, you can find taxis at the railway stations, at the airport, and at many taxi stands located across all districts. You can also call a taxi by phone, e.g. at (+43 1) ) 40100,  (+43 1) 60160, (+43 1) 31300. Taxis in Vienna


Getting around in Austria by bus or train

For trips in Austria there are two main transport providers