Habilitation Procedure

The WU Senate Office is responsible for providing the Rector’s Council with administrative support in habilitation proceedings, which is why all applications for habilitation are submitted to the Senate Office, although they are addressed to the Rector.

The Senate Office provides the chair of the Habilitation Committee with support in the administrative steps of the process, handles in-house and external communication during the proceedings, and assists with formal matters. The Senate Office also supports habilitation applicants throughout the entire process.

If you would like to submit a habilitation application or if you have any questions regarding ongoing proceedings, please contact Ms Katarzyna Siwiec (tel.: 01 31336 ext. 5322 or by email).

We have prepared a set of guidelines for submitting an application for habilitation containing the most important information.

The following legal statutes apply to habilitation proceedings:

Information on the processing of your personal data in the context of participation in the habilitation procedures can be found here.

Comprehensive information on qualification and development agreements can be found on the Personnel Office's SharePoint page.