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Marketing & Communications

About us

Marketing & Communications is responsible for WU’s national and international marketing, knowledge transfer, and communication activities. On this page, you can find an overview of what we do.

External communications

Internal communications

Research communication



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Advertising on Campus
Advertising activities and content

We are responsible for implementing WU’s Advertising Directive and serve as WU’s central point of contact for authorizing advertising activities and content and answering related questions. We also coordinate the City Light billboards and advertising posters put up on campus.

View the Advertising Directive of WU (in German)

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Public Relations
The crucial link between WU and the media

We answer media requests, refer the media to experts on different topics, and advise researchers on public relations matters. We carry out campaigns and events to give more visibility to the impact of WU’s research. We also manage WU’s photo archives and issue photo and filming permits.

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Brand Management and Corporate Design
A strong visual identity

We work to strengthen the WU brand and ensure a professional visual identity in WU’s publications – from design to production, from print to online. We also develop WU’s corporate design and provide advisory services to assist WU employees in preparing publications.

View WU’s Corporate Design Manual (in German, login area)

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Content & Channel Management
We inform and communicate

We carry out editorial work and channel management for the WU website, social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn), YouTube, the WU newsletter, and the info screens on campus to make sure that WU’s activities reach as many people as possible.

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Solid and comprehensive

In our publications, we provide comprehensive information about WU – from academic programs to research. Three times a year, we publish the WU Magazin, which takes an in-depth look at a current topic and offers insights into WU’s economic and business expertise. WU’s Annual Report provides a detailed overview of the projects and highlights of the previous year.

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Presenting WU’s academic programs

We carry out national and international marketing for WU’s bachelor’s and master’s programs, using a mix of offline and online activities: traditional advertising, educational fairs, informational events, online campaigns, direct marketing, etc.

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Concepts and design

We keep WU’s website up to date and take advantage of the latest trends and developments to make it as user friendly as possible. We are continuously working to update our concepts and develop new designs.

View WU’s Web Style Guide (in German)

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Translation services
Plain English

We provide German-English translation services and proofread texts for WU’s non-academic units. We also keep a central German-English glossary available to all WU employees (WU Term).

Go to WU Term (login area)

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Information and inspiration

With the ‘WU matters. WU talks.’ event series, we provide a platform for dialog between academia and society about the challenges of our time. We are also specialists when it comes to planning and implementing award ceremonies and large-scale events such as the annual WU Summer Celebration.

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Merchandising & WU Shop
Strengthening the WU brand

We develop and distribute a range of WU merchandise (stationery, lanyards, clothing, gifts) and operate the WU Shop on campus.