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Legal Affairs Office


The WU Legal Affairs Office is a service center providing support in all legal issues related to the university. Our main function is to act as legal consultants to the university management, but we also do our best to support other university bodies and organizational units in legal matters.

  • Acting as legal consultants to the university management, particularly the Rector's Council and the WU service centers

  • Providing information on legal matters to all university bodies and organizational units

  • Drafting and verifying contracts, directives and other legal documents

  • Representing WU in court and administrative proceedings, and in contract negotiations in cooperation with the Austrian Attorney General and other attorneys

  • Actively following current legal developments, analyzing proposed laws, supporting the affected units in implementing new legal regulations

  • Handling appeal proceedings in matters related to the laws governing university studies as instructed by the Appeals Commission of the University Senate

  • Maintaining the register of powers of attorney

  • Project participation

Our Service pages on the WU intranet will provide you with further information on the individual topics given above. There you can also find sample contracts and other legal documents, as well as useful links.

For information on appealing against examination recognition rulings, please go here.

More information on data privacy you may find on the following pages.