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IT-SERVICES is a WU service center whose main tasks are the planning, acquisition and operation of the university IT infrastructure at WU campus.

Our aim is to support all WU faculty, staff and students in using the IT services at WU and provide 24/7 safe and comfortable access to all data and applications which are important for researching, teaching, studying and doing administrative work.


Read more about available IT services in our service descriptions. These are grouped into categories for better overview. Please note that some information is available on the intranet for WU employees only (login may be required).

Service descriptions

Organizational structure

Client Infrastructure

is responsible for hard- and software equipment at employees’ workplaces at WU.

Service & Solution Design

is in charge of advicing the digitalization of processes, requirement analyzes and development of customized solutions for cummunicaton- and web-services at WU.

Network Infrastructure

is responsible for network services and -infrastructure as well as for WU’s telephone system.

Project Management

deals with analysis, planning and carrying out IT-projects at WU.

Core Services

is in charge of email, account management, backup and virtualization at WU.

Software Development

deals with SAP and software development in all administrative core areas at WU.


About 2% of the total energy consumption worldwide is caused by IT Data Center. Therefore, improving the efficiency with which energy is consumed is very important to IT-SERVICES.

IT-SERVICES participated in an EU initiated program on reducing energy consumption and had all WU’s Data Centers carefully inspected. The energy consumption caused by servers, storage systems and network components was checked as well as the energy consumption of the infrastructure components.

We are proud to announce that WU was one out of two organizations in Austria that fully meets the requirements of the "Code of Conduct for Efficiency in Data Center" of the EU in terms of the energy efficiency.