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If you intend to provide a buffet, you have to file a written application with Safety and Security Management no later than seven working days before the date of the event.

Cold buffets can be provided in the following rooms:

  • Teaching rooms (project and seminar rooms, auditoriums)

  • Event rooms + gallery

  • Conference rooms 3 & 4: buffets only in the hallway

  • Conference room 5: buffets only in the room

  • Conference rooms 1, 2 & 6: depending on the requested seating layout, buffets can be provided either in the room or in the hallway

Please note that it is not permitted to place any additional pieces of furniture in and in front of teaching rooms.

Hot buffets are permitted in the following rooms if the terms and conditions indicated below are observed:

  • LC: Ceremonial Halls 1 and 2, Forum, and club lounge

  • AD: Conference rooms 1 and 2 (only in the caterers’ kitchen)

  1. Pursuant to official regulations, open-flame food warmers are not allowed. It is permitted, however, to use appliances such as electric food warmers that do not produce steam.


  3. It is the event organizer’s responsibility to ensure compliance with these rules and to also make sure that the caterer is aware of and observes the applicable regulations. In case of non-compliance, a fire alarm will be triggered and the entire building will be evacuated. In such cases, the event organizer is liable for the costs resulting from an emergency dispatch of firefighters plus all related expenses.


  5. If you would like to provide a hot buffet, qualified WU fire safety personnel has to be present at the event, which will result in additional expenses.


  7. The food preparation rooms for catering services are located in the LC and AD buildings.


  9. The food preparation rooms for catering services must be cleaned after use.


  11. Heating food or keeping food warm is permitted in the food preparation rooms.


  13. Any tablecloths used must be made of 100% cotton.

If you would like to talk to us in person, you can find us in the AD building, entrance A, ground floor.

Follow the link below for more information on our services and guidelines:

In case of an emergency, you can call the Security Center 24/7 at +43 1 31336 4000.

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