Nobel Prize in layperson’s terms

Location: WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) , Teaching Center Festsaal 2 on 18 January 2022 Starting at 18:00 Ending at 19:30
Type Conference / meeting
Speaker Andrea Weber (CEU)
Organizer Department Department of Economics

the discovery of methods for analyzing natural experiments as a source

Nobel Prizes are awarded every year in December, on the anniversary of Alfred Nobel’s death. Nobel laureates are celebrated in the media, but hardly anyone knows anything about the research that goes on behind the scenes. We want to change that.

In cooperation with experts, we are introducing the work of the winners of each year’s Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in terms that even laypeople can understand. We analyze the innovative power of the work and discuss its significance and potential applications in practice.

Andrea Weber, Professor of Economics at CEU, will explain the contributions of the recent Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. The recent award recognizes the discovery of methods for analyzing natural experiments as a source of knowledge in economics.


Rupert Sausgruber, Head of Institute for Public Sector Economics, Department Chair of Department of Economics


Andrea Weber, Professor of economics at the Central European University

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