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Studying on Campus

Campus WU has more to offer than just impressive architecture. Its state-of-the-art classrooms provide the space and the equipment necessary to accommodate a wide variety of different learning and teaching styles. The campus boasts many innovative features and technologies that help to provide an ideal learning experience to WU’s students. This page gives you an overview of WU’s auditoriums, their equipment, and other teaching and learning infrastructure.

Auditoriums and Seminar Rooms

All of WU’s large auditoriums and most of the smaller classrooms are located in the Teaching Center (TC), while other small classrooms are located on the ground floors of the individual department buildings, for easy access. All auditoriums have natural daylight and provide a pleasant learning environment.

There are four size categories: :        

  • 180-seat auditoriums

  • 120-seat auditoriums

  • 60-seat auditoriums

  • 30-seat seminar rooms

Each auditorium has the following standard equipment:

  • Movable or folding tables and chairs

  • Smartboards and/or whiteboards

  • Computer

  • Loudspeakers

  • Wireless microphone

  • Power outlets for student computers

Double projection screensDouble projection screens allow not only for different, innovative ways of presenting course contents, but also guarantee students a good view of the boards, regardless of where they are seated in the room. Almost all classrooms are equipped for double projections, which allow course instructors to show multiple contents at the same time.
SmartboardsSmartboards allow course instructors and students to employ creative methods of presenting, rearranging, and linking content. The lecture notes for each class can be saved as PDF files and uploaded to the LEARN learning and information portal.

Independent Study Areas and Project Rooms

With around 3,000 student workplaces all over campus, WU offers different environments for all individual needs and all types of studying. There are quiet study areas where students can focus completely on studying without distractions, and there are also communicative areas where students can work in groups.

WU also offers its students project rooms, a completely new room category. Project rooms are available in different sizes (2-20 seats). Course instructors can use them for small-scale courses or break-out sessions, and students can book them for joint work or for studying in groups. Project rooms can be booked via the ROOMS room booking tool. For information on how to book and use project rooms, please see:

There are also student lounges located in the ground-floor areas of the individual department buildings. The lounges are freely available for use during the day without any prior registration/booking. In the evenings, starting at 5:00pm, the lounges may be reserved for special events.

Computer Labs

There are five PC labs on campus: two in the Library & Learning Center (LC) and three in the Teaching Center (TC). The PC labs can be used for courses, and they are also freely available to students. The Department of Socioeconomics and the Department of Information Systems and Operations run their own dedicated PC labs.

Raiffeisen Language Resource Center

The Raiffeisen Language Resource Center is a modern language learning facility. With its wide selection of materials and electronic resources, it provides the ideal environment for independent study. The center offers students a wide range of opportunities for effective language learning.

Study area ›› Media library with language learning materials in 35 different languages
›› 27 computer workstations for using teaching software, and an IPTV connection (over 50 TV channels in a wide variety of languages)
›› Five tandem learning rooms for language learning with a partner
Study area›› PC workstations students can use to make audio and video recordings
›› Equipment that allows students to record simulated telephone calls with a partner

University Library

The WU University Library is Austria’s largest business and economics library, and one of the largest of its kind in the entire German-speaking area. The library collection is distributed among four library locations on Campus WU.

The Central Library is located in the Library & Learning Center, and the specialist branch libraries are located in different department buildings. The Central Library offers a total of 1,500 student workplaces for individual study, providing different types of equipment and located in different working environments: quiet areas, communicative areas, project rooms, carrels, and the Newslounge.

Facts and figures about the library

  • 646.510 printed volumes

  • 115.381 eBooks

  • 729 printed periodicals

  • 25.196 eJournal subscriptions

  • 134 database subscriptions

The Library for Law is located in the D3 building, which also houses WU’s law departments. It provides literature from all fields of law.

The D4 building houses the Library for Social Sciences, located near the Department of Socioeconomics and the Department of Economics.

The Library for Business Languages in the D2 building collects media on Romance, English, and Slavic linguistics and literature.