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Credit Transfer and Learning Agreement

Credit transfer Online Database

Please bear in mind that the online recognition database does not reflect the course catalog of your partner university, and that courses listed in the database are not necessarily offered every semester at the partner school. The online database essentially lists courses that WU students have taken at our partner universities in the past and for which they were able to successfully transfer credit to their WU program.

Obtaining a Pre-Recognition Notice and Learning Agreement prior to an Exchange Period Abroad

If you have been nominated to spend a semester at a partner university abroad, you can go to and submit an application for pre-recognition prior to your exchange period to determine the equivalence of the courses you plan to take abroad to the courses prescribed by the applicable WU curriculum. If you receive an Erasmus grant, this application also serves to request a Learning Agreement.

Please note that you can only submit the online application once. You should only submit your application once you know for certain which courses you will take during your exchange period abroad. For quick, preliminary information on courses that are eligible for credit transfer, please check the online database for credit transfer. All the courses are eligible for credit transfer – no additional confirmations are needed.

Before Your Stay at the Partner University – Online Application

During Your Stay at the Partner University

After Your Stay Abroad

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