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Here you can find all in­form­a­tion needed for an ex­change semester on mas­ter's level.

Plan­ning your stay abroad

On the mas­ter’s level, WU of­fers an in­ter­na­tional net­work com­pris­ing about 130 part­ner uni­versit­ies world­wide. It is re­com­men­ded to take your semester abroad in the third semester; in some ex­cep­tional cases, the fourth semester is also possible (Busi­ness Law and Busi­ness Edu­ca­tion). Please note that ap­plic­a­tions must be sub­mit­ted a year in ad­vance. We there­fore re­com­mend that you ap­ply for a semester abroad in your first semester in order to be able to study at the part­ner uni­versity of your choice dur­ing your third semester.

Our part­ner uni­versit­ies have very dif­fer­ent pro­files and spe­cial­ize in cer­tain fields. Size, loca­tion, and struc­ture of the cam­pus also play an im­port­ant role for many stu­dents. The fol­low­ing aspects should be con­sidered when choos­ing a part­ner uni­versity:

  • Is my de­gree pro­gram suit­able for a semester abroad?

  • Which uni­versit­ies of­fer a port­fo­lio of courses that fits the fo­cus of my stud­ies?

  • Fin­an­cial aspects: Please don’t for­get to con­sider fin­an­cial aspects when choos­ing your part­ner uni­versit­ies, e.g. travel ex­penses and costs of liv­ing. Please also note that some part­ner uni­versit­ies re­quire an ad­di­tional, possibly ex­pens­ive, health in­sur­ance. The ex­change re­ports by former ex­change stu­dents, as ex­plained below, provide a good source of in­form­a­tion on these is­sues.

Not all part­ner uni­versit­ies of­fer a course port­fo­lio that is suit­able for all stu­dents and every WU de­gree pro­gram. Our in­ter­act­ive map is a fast and con­veni­ent tool that helps you to find out which part­ner uni­versity has a suit­able course port­fo­lio for your spe­cific WU de­gree pro­gram. Please use the ap­pro­pri­ate fil­ters for your WU de­gree pro­gram. To view de­tailed in­form­a­tion on the re­spect­ive uni­versit­ies, please click on the pins.

Where can I get ad­di­tional in­form­a­tion?

  • Info sheets and fact sheets
    Info sheets are com­piled by WU and provide you with in­form­a­tion on our part­ner uni­versit­ies. They in­clude, among other th­ings, in­form­a­tion on ap­plic­a­tion re­quire­ments at the PU, semester dates etc.
    Fact sheets are provided by the re­spect­ive part­ner uni­versit­ies and con­tain gen­eral in­form­a­tion for ex­change stu­dents. Info sheets and fact sheets can both be found on our map of part­ner uni­versit­ies.
    Info sheets and fact sheets can both be found on our map of part­ner uni­versit­ies.

  • Web­sites of the part­ner uni­versit­ies
    On the web­sites of our part­ner uni­versit­ies po­ten­tial in­com­ings can fa­mil­i­ar­ize them­selves with the course cata­log or hous­ing possib­il­it­ies. Cor­res­pond­ing links can be found in the info and fact sheets. Please note that the in­form­a­tion provided is only meant as sup­port dur­ing the ini­tial pro­cess of choos­ing a uni­versity. Part­ner uni­versit­ies can still make changes until the start of the ex­change semester.

  • On­line credit trans­fer data­base
    The on­line credit trans­fer data­base provides you with a list of courses which were, in the past, com­pleted abroad by WU stu­dents and trans­ferred to their WU de­gree. This data­base is meant as a means for ori­ent­a­tion, but does not guar­an­tee that those courses are offered each semester by the part­ner uni­versity or that they are open to WU stu­dents (e.g. course is already full, aca­demic re­quire­ments are not ful­filled).

  • Ex­change re­ports by former ex­change stu­dents
    All stu­dents who com­plete a semester abroad through the In­ter­na­tional Of­fice fill in an ex­change re­port, which can be ac­cessed by fu­ture ex­change stu­dents on­line. These re­ports are a use­ful source for answers to ques­tions con­cern­ing ar­rival, ac­com­mod­a­tion, costs, course re­gis­tra­tion, local pe­culi­ar­it­ies, etc.

  • Go Global ex­change fair
    Each year in Oc­to­ber, Go Global of­fers a plat­form for former out­go­ings and cur­rent in­com­ings to present WU’s part­ner uni­versit­ies. This is a great way for fu­ture ex­change stu­dents to re­ceive first-hand in­form­a­tion con­cern­ing stu­dent life abroad.

  • "What's it ac­tu­ally like?"
    Here you can find de­tailed ac­counts writ­ten by stu­dents about their semester abroad at cer­tain part­ner uni­versit­ies.

  • Bro­chures and fly­ers in the IO Front Of­fice
    Many part­ner uni­versit­ies provide us with in­form­a­tion ma­ter­ial, which you can browse through anytime dur­ing our front of­fice open­ing hours.

  • Per­sonal con­sulta­tion with our IO staff
    Dur­ing our open­ing hours, the In­ter­na­tional Of­fice staff is avail­able to answer your ques­tions per­son­ally.

  • Small group ad­vis­ory meet­ings
    The IO oalso of­fers com­pre­hens­ive con­sulta­tion on im­port­ant is­sues regard­ing your study abroad.

Suit­ab­il­ity of mas­ter’s pro­grams for a semester abroad

WU’s mas­ter’s pro­grams are very di­verse. For most of the pro­grams, it is possible to go abroad for an ex­change semester without delay­ing one’s aca­demic pro­gress, but some pro­grams have to be com­pleted entirely at WU.

Stu­dents of the mas­ter's pro­grams:
  • In­ter­na­tional Man­age­ment/CEMS*

  • Mar­ket­ing

  • Strategy, In­nov­a­tion, and Man­age­ment Con­trol

An ex­change semester should be com­pleted by all or at least a large per­cent­age of all stu­dents. The flex­ible struc­ture of the pro­grams al­lows for easy credit trans­fer. The IO can provide re­com­mend­a­tions for a large num­ber of suit­able part­ner uni­versit­ies.

Stu­dents of the mas­ter's pro­grams:
  • Ex­port and In­ter­na­tion­al­iz­a­tion Man­age­ment

  • Fin­ance and Ac­count­ing

  • Man­age­ment

  • So­cioeco­nom­ics

  • Sup­ply Chain Man­age­ment

  • Eco­nom­ics (Ger­man and Eng­lish pro­gram)

  • Busi­ness Law

  • Busi­ness Edu­ca­tion

An ex­change semester is op­tional. Due to the dif­fer­ent courses re­quired in the vari­ous de­gree pro­grams, some part­ner uni­versit­ies are bet­ter suited for an ex­change semester than oth­ers. Re­com­mend­a­tions are avail­able for each mas­ter’s pro­gram.

Stu­dents of the mas­ter's pro­grams:
  • In­form­a­tion Sys­tems

  • Quant­it­at­ive Fin­ance

  • So­cio-E­co­lo­gical Eco­nom­ics and Policy

  • Tax­a­tion and Ac­count­ing

Due to the spe­cific struc­ture of these pro­grams, as a rule, stu­dents are re­quired to com­plete the entire pro­gram at WU. Credit trans­fer for courses com­pleted dur­ing a semester abroad is only possible to a lim­ited ex­tent.

Ap­plic­a­tion re­quire­ments

To be able to ap­ply for a stay abroad, you have to be ad­mit­ted to a mas­ter’s pro­gram at WU.

Most part­ner uni­versit­ies have ad­di­tional re­quire­ments you need to ful­fill. This may in­clude, for in­stance, pro­fes­sional ex­per­i­ence or lan­guage cer­ti­fic­ates. In­form­a­tion on these re­quire­ments is provided on the info sheets for the in­di­vidual part­ner uni­versit­ies, which you can find on our in­ter­act­ive map of WU part­ner uni­versit­ies. It is not ne­ces­sary that you ful­fill the ad­di­tional cri­teria re­quired by the part­ner uni­versit­ies within the IO ap­plic­a­tion period. It is suf­fi­cient if you meet these re­quire­ments within 4 weeks after the an­nounce­ment of your nom­in­a­tion.

Provided that you match the ap­plic­a­tion re­quire­ments set by WU and the part­ner uni­versity, you can click here to ap­ply for a semester abroad dur­ing the ap­plic­a­tion peri­ods.

Avail­able ex­change places

Apart from ex­change semesters, stu­dents en­rolled in the mas­ter’s pro­grams in Strategy, In­nov­a­tion, and Man­age­ment Con­trol and Mar­ket­ing can also com­plete a double de­gree pro­gram or­gan­ized jointly by WU and se­lec­ted part­ner uni­versit­ies.

Stu­dents en­rolled in the Mas­ter’s Pro­gram in Busi­ness Law also have the op­por­tun­ity to gain an ad­di­tional qual­i­fic­a­tion with the THEMIS pro­gram.

Avail­able ex­change places for Europe and over­seas for the win­ter semester 2019/20

Avail­able ex­change places for Double De­gree pro­grams / THEMIS for the win­ter semester 2019/20

Please note that the num­bers of avail­able places may change from semester to semester.

Suit­able part­ner uni­versit­ies ac­cord­ing to mas­ter’s pro­grams

Stu­dents are ex­pec­ted to take a full work­load at the part­ner uni­versity dur­ing their semester abroad. In Europe the full work­load equals courses worth 30 ECTS cred­its; over­seas, stu­dents have to com­plete the ap­pro­pri­ate work­load re­quire­ment of the part­ner uni­versity. Upon their re­turn, stu­dents are re­quired to trans­fer the cred­its earned abroad to­ward their re­spect­ive WU de­gree pro­gram.

The WU mas­ter’s pro­grams have is­sued re­com­mend­a­tions for part­ner uni­versit­ies which are espe­cially well suited for an ex­change semester. Courses which have been cleared for credit trans­fer in ad­vance are in­dic­ated on the credit trans­fer course lists pub­lished by Study Reg­u­la­tions & Credit Trans­fer. Please use our in­ter­act­ive map to find in­form­a­tion on which uni­versit­ies are re­com­men­ded for your mas­ter’s pro­gram.

These re­com­mend­a­tions are not just for ori­ent­a­tion pur­poses but are also taken into ac­count in the pro­cess of al­loc­a­tion for the re­spect­ive ex­change place at the part­ner uni­versity. This en­sures a com­pat­ible course pro­gram, pend­ing possible changes. Due to possible changes in the course port­fo­lio at the part­ner uni­versity the re­com­mend­a­tions are not a guar­an­tee for credit trans­fer. Nev­er­the­less we ex­pli­citly en­cour­age stu­dents to ap­ply for part­ner uni­versit­ies that are re­com­men­ded by your mas­ter’s pro­gram. In case you are in­ter­ested in a part­ner uni­versity that is not re­com­men­ded by your mas­ter’s pro­gram, you will have to care­fully study the course port­fo­lio and in­form your­self through the WU In­ter­na­tional Of­fice on which courses are ac­cess­ible for WU ex­change stu­dents.

If the part­ner uni­versity of your choice is re­com­men­ded for your pro­gram, you will be given pri­or­ity dur­ing the se­lec­tion pro­cess over stu­dents of pro­grams for which the uni­versity in ques­tion is not ex­pli­citly re­com­men­ded.


Ap­plic­a­tion peri­ods

You can ap­ply for an ex­change semester dur­ing the of­fi­cial ap­plic­a­tion peri­ods. Please note that ap­plic­a­tions must be sub­mit­ted a year in ad­vance.

Dur­ing win­ter semester there are three peri­ods avail­able (DD, Themis and Period 1 and 2). Dur­ing Sum­mer semester there is only one period.

Ap­plic­a­tion pro­cess

The entire ap­plic­a­tion pro­cess takes place on­line and is only ac­cess­ible dur­ing the ap­plic­a­tion peri­ods. Stu­dents may ap­ply for places at up to 7 uni­versit­ies, ac­cord­ing to their per­sonal pref­er­ences.

The ap­plic­a­tion doc­u­ments com­prise:

  • Mo­tiv­a­tional let­ter for all part­ner uni­versity pref­er­ences in Eng­lish lan­guage (ca. 3200 char­ac­ters, in­clud­ing spaces, max. 2 MB, pd­f-­file; ad­dressed to the pro­gram dir­ector of your mas­ter’s pro­gram).

  • CV in Eng­lish (for mas­ter’s pro­grams in Eng­lish lan­guage) or Ger­man lan­guage (for pro­grams in Ger­man lan­guage). Should in­clude in­form­a­tion about: edu­ca­tion, pro­fes­sional ex­per­i­ence/in­tern­ships, in­ter­na­tional ex­per­i­ence, lan­guage skills and other skills (op­tional, max. 2 MB, PD­F-­doc­u­ment).

  • WU mas­ter’s & WU bach­elor’s tran­script (Sam­melzeugnis, is auto­mat­ic­ally gen­er­ated). Stu­dents with a bach­elor’s de­gree from a dif­fer­ent in­sti­tu­tion have to up­load their tran­script (Sam­melzeugnis) as a pdf file (max. 2 MB, PD­F-­doc­u­ment).

  • In­ter­views may be held by the mas­ter’s pro­gram dir­ector with the ap­plic­ant for an ex­change semester.

  • Dur­ing the ap­plic­a­tion pro­cess, your per­sonal data will be pro­cessed, which is why we would like to kindly ask you to read our dis­claimer on data pri­vacy.

Par­tic­u­lar fo­cuses of the mas­ter’s pro­grams for the sequence of ap­plic­ants

Al­loc­a­tion of an ex­change place

The al­loc­a­tion of an ex­change place for an ap­plic­ant is en­sued by an al­gorithm par­tic­u­larly designed for this pur­pose. This al­gorithm cal­cu­lates the over­all score by tak­ing into ac­count the fol­low­ing cri­teria for every ap­plic­ant:

Cri­terion Ex­plan­a­tionPoints
Rank­ing by the pro­gram dir­ectorThe rank­ing of the ap­plic­ants is done by the re­spect­ive mas­ter’s pro­grams and is in­cluded with a value between 1 and 0 into the valu­ation (1 is the best, per­cental grad­a­tion).1 – 0
Ter­tile-­pointsDue to the rank­ing place­ment the ap­plic­ants re­ceive points for the re­spect­ive ter­tile (third) in which they are ranked. In case of doubt the ap­plic­ant will be ranked in the bet­ter ter­tile.3/2/1
Cat­egor­iz­a­tion of your mas­ter’s pro­gramThe cur­ricula of some mas­ter’s pro­grams are more com­pat­ible with an ex­change semester than oth­ers. Each mas­ter’s pro­gram has been cat­egor­ized ac­cord­ing to this com­pat­ib­il­ity into one of three groups. (e.g. 2 = An ex­change semester is en­vi­sioned for a large num­ber of stu­dents; 0 = The possib­il­it­ies for an ex­change semester are very restric­ted). 2/1/0
Re­com­mend­a­tions for part­ner uni­versit­iesIf you have ap­plied for an ex­change place at one of the re­com­men­ded part­ner uni­versit­ies, you re­ceive an ad­di­tional 2 points. These points are ad­ded when two ap­plic­ants are eli­gible for the same ex­change place.2/0

The al­loc­a­tion pro­cess con­sist of two steps:

  1. In the first round, ap­plic­ants in the first ter­tile from mas­ter’s pro­grams which ex­pli­citly or op­tion­ally re­com­mend a semester abroad are al­loc­ated. In this round, the rel­ev­ant para­met­ers are the rank­ing by the pro­gram, the ter­tile-­points, and the po­ten­tial re­com­mend­a­tion of a part­ner uni­versity.

  2. In the second round, ap­plic­ants in the second and third ter­tile are al­loc­ated. In this round, all cri­teria from the table above are taken into ac­count.

If two or more ap­plic­ants are tied after the de­termin­a­tion of the total scores, the stu­dent who will re­ceive the ex­change place is picked at ran­dom. After the de­termin­a­tion of the total scores, the stu­dents’ pref­er­ences are re­viewed one by one. As soon as a “match” oc­curs, the ap­plic­ant will be al­loc­ated that ex­change place.

Example of the de­termin­a­tion of the total score

Pub­lic­a­tion of res­ults

The IO will send out the no­ti­fic­a­tions about the fi­nal se­lec­tion res­ults via email ap­prox­im­ately one month (for Double De­gree/THEMIS ap­plic­a­tion one week) after the ap­plic­a­tion dead­line. After you have re­ceived the nom­in­a­tion e-­mail, you have four weeks to provide a lan­guage cer­ti­fic­ate, if this is re­ques­ted by the part­ner uni­versity. Please con­tact your IO Re­gional Co­ordin­ator if ne­ces­sary. If you can­not provide the ne­ces­sary lan­guage cer­ti­fic­ate, you will lose your ex­change place.

Nom­in­a­tion and re­gis­tra­tion

After com­ple­tion of the ap­plic­a­tion pro­cess, your data will be for­war­ded to the re­spect­ive part­ner uni­versity (“nom­in­a­tion”). Sub­sequently, you will also have to re­gister with the part­ner uni­versity. The part­ner uni­versity or the IO will provide you with fur­ther de­tails and the doc­u­ments re­quired for this pro­cess. The pro­cess may dif­fer from uni­versity to uni­versity. The ap­plic­a­tion doc­u­ments (in­clud­ing ad­di­tional re­quired doc­u­ments such as lan­guage cer­ti­fic­ates) and an ap­plic­a­tion form must be com­pleted and sub­mit­ted to the part­ner uni­versity in time.

De­pend­ing on the part­ner uni­versity, you will re­ceive an email or postal mail just be­fore or dur­ing the re­gis­tra­tion pro­cess with de­tailed in­form­a­tion regard­ing visa, hous­ing, ori­ent­a­tion pro­grams, and course re­gis­tra­tion. If you have not been con­tac­ted by your part­ner uni­versity six months be­fore the start of your stay abroad, please con­sult your IO Re­gional Co­ordin­ator.

The rel­ev­ant ap­plic­a­tion forms fre­quently in­clude the fol­low­ing ques­tions:

Are you a full-­time stu­dent? Yes

In­sti­tu­tional/Ex­change co­ordin­ator: IO re­gional co­ordin­ator

Semester dates: Please note that WU’s “sum­mer semester” is often called something elsein other coun­tries, e.g. “spring term” or just “second semester”. Like­wise, the “win­tersemester” is often called the “fall term” or “first semester”.

Er­asmus Code: WU's Er­asmus code is: A WIEN05

Fre­quently re­ques­ted doc­u­ments:

Tran­script: Part­ner uni­versit­ies often re­quest an Eng­lish ver­sion of your WU tran­script. You can print your WU tran­script at one of the self-ser­vice ter­min­als in front of the Study Ser­vice Center (Lib­rary and Learn­ing Center build­ing (LC), level 2), or view and print it on­line us­ing WU’s web ser­vices.

Bank con­firm­a­tion/fin­an­cial state­ment: All US part­ner schools and some other over­seas part­ners re­quire proof of suf­fi­cient fin­an­cial means to fund your ex­change semester. The re­quired amount var­ies de­pend­ing on the uni­versity. Click here for a tem­plate for a fin­an­cial state­ment/bank let­ter.

Med­ical re­port and vac­cin­a­tion pass: Many over­seas uni­versit­ies re­quire an Eng­lish health cer­ti­fic­ate, is­sued by your phys­i­cian. Often, vac­cin­a­tions are re­quired. Click here for a tem­plate of a med­ical re­port.

Lan­guage cer­ti­fic­ate: Some part­ner uni­versit­ies re­quire a lan­guage test such as TOEFL or IELTS. To find out which uni­versit­ies re­quire such tests and how many points are needed, please see the info sheets on our web­site.

OeAD In­ter­na­tional Test­ing Ser­vices: test­

Brit­ish Coun­cil:

Can­cel­ling an ex­change semester

Once you have been nom­in­ated for an ex­change semester, can­cel­la­tion is possible only in ex­cep­tional cases (ill­ness, preg­nancy, im­port­ant fam­ily com­mit­ments, or un­avoid­able, un­fore­seen ser­i­ous events). Ap­pro­pri­ate proof will be re­quired. Please con­tact your Re­gional Co­ordin­ator at the IO im­me­di­ately in such cases. If a stu­dent cancels his or her ex­change without good cause, he or she is ex­cluded from fur­ther par­ti­cip­a­tion in WU ex­change pro­grams in his or her cur­rent study cycle.

Pre­par­ing for your stay abroad

Course se­lec­tion at the part­ner uni­versity

When se­lect­ing your courses, please note that the cred­its will have to be trans­ferred to­wards your WU pro­gram after your re­turn to Vi­enna, so you will re­ceive a mobil­ity grant. Ex­change stu­dents are ex­pec­ted to take a full work­load at the host uni­versity. In Europe, the full work­load equals courses worth 30 ECTS cred­its; over­seas, please take into ac­count the re­quire­ments of a full work­load of the part­ner uni­versity in ques­tion.

Mobil­ity grants

Every ex­change stay at a WU part­ner uni­versity is sub­sid­ized by a mobil­ity grant – what mobil­ity grant you are eli­gible for de­pends on which coun­try you choose for your ex­change semester. In the course of the man­dat­ory Grants and Credit Trans­fer Ses­sion, which takes place be­fore your ex­change semester, you will re­ceive all the ne­ces­sary in­form­a­tion and doc­u­ments. If you are look­ing for more de­tailed in­form­a­tion be­fore the ses­sion, please click here.

Pre-re­cog­ni­tion notice and Learn­ing Agree­ment

You must fill out the on­line ap­plic­a­tion for the leg­ally bind­ing pre-re­cog­ni­tion (Fest­s­tel­lungs­bes­cheid/Voraus­bes­cheid) be­fore you go abroad to cla­rify which courses taken at the part­ner uni­versity are eli­gible for credit trans­fer after you re­turn to WU. De­tailed in­form­a­tion regard­ing the pre-re­cog­ni­tion pro­cess and the Learn­ing Agree­ment for the Er­asmus+ grant, which also has to be re­ques­ted on­line, can be found here. In the semester be­fore your ex­change, you will also be in­vited to the man­dat­ory Grant & Re­cog­ni­tion Ses­sion, where you will be given all the ne­ces­sary in­form­a­tion.

In­ter­cul­tural Com­pet­ence

We re­com­mend the com­ple­tion of the sem­inar for in­ter­cul­tural com­pet­ence to WU mas­ter’s stu­dents prior to their ex­change stay, but it is not man­dat­ory.

ÖH dues

It is very im­port­ant that you pay your Stu­dents’ Union (ÖH) dues dur­ing your ex­change semester, other­wise you will be dis­en­rolled from your aca­demic pro­gram.

Tu­ition fees

Par­ti­cip­a­tion in an in an ex­change semester res­ults in a waiver of tu­ition fees for one semester. Tu­ition fees are also waived at the part­ner uni­versity.


Many part­ner uni­versit­ies of­fer spe­cial ser­vices to help nom­in­ated WU stu­dents find ap­pro­pri­ate ac­com­mod­a­tion. In­form­a­tion on hous­ing op­por­tun­it­ies and ser­vices is provided by the part­ner uni­versit­ies. We also re­com­mend that you read the info sheets and the ex­change re­ports by former WU out­go­ing stu­dents.

The IO co­oper­ates with Hous­ing Any­where, a plat­form with hous­ing of­fers by stu­dents for stu­dents. Hous­ing Any­where al­lows you to search for hous­ing op­por­tun­it­ies in your host coun­try. – Please use the fol­low­ing link to sign up: go.housingany­

At the same time, it also helps you to sub­let your room or apart­ment dur­ing a stay abroad. The ser­vices offered are free of charge for WU stu­dents, and the IO also re­com­mends Hous­ing Any­where to in­com­ing stu­dents.


Trav­el­ling to non-EU coun­tries

If you com­plete your semester abroad in a non-EU coun­try or if you are not an EU cit­izen, please fa­mil­i­ar­ize your­self with your host coun­try’s entry re­quire­ments in due time.

To travel to the US, Rus­sia, Latin Amer­ica, Aus­tralia, and Asia, Aus­trian stu­dents need a stu­dent visa. Non-Aus­trian stu­dents may need ad­di­tional doc­u­ments.

As soon as you have re­ceived the re­gis­tra­tion forms and the Let­ter of Ac­cept­ance from the part­ner uni­versity (US uni­versit­ies also re­quire the DS-2019 form, and Rus­sian uni­versit­ies an in­vit­a­tion let­ter), you can ap­ply for a visa at the ap­pro­pri­ate con­su­lar au­thor­ity in Vi­enna. Be sure to con­tact the con­su­late in ad­vance to find out what doc­u­ments will be needed!

USA/Canada: The US con­su­late charges a so-c­alled SEVIS fee when is­su­ing a visa. In the plane, you will need to fill out the white im­mig­ra­tion form. To travel to Canada for a stay of up to six months, stu­dents with Aus­trian cit­izen­ship do not need a stu­dent visa. However, upon your ar­rival, you have to present the Let­ter of Ac­cept­ance to the im­mig­ra­tion au­thor­it­ies on your own ini­ti­at­ive, and you have to state to the au­thor­it­ies that you en­ter the coun­try as a stu­dent and not as a tour­ist.

Some coun­tries re­quire spe­cial travel and/or health in­sur­ance. Please in­quire about the ap­plic­able in­sur­ance re­quire­ments with the ap­pro­pri­ate con­su­late.

Trav­el­ling to EU coun­tries

If you are not an EU cit­izen, please be sure to in­form your­self of any visa or entry re­quire­ments made by the host coun­try early enough to make the ne­ces­sary ar­range­ments.

Travel/health in­sur­ance

Over­seas/non-EU coun­tries

If you are a cit­izen of an EU mem­ber state, the health in­sur­ance provided by your home coun­try is usu­ally suf­fi­cient. Don’t for­get to take your European in­sur­ance card (e-­card) with you when you go abroad! If you are not an EU cit­izen, be sure to ar­range for the ne­ces­sary in­sur­ance cov­er­age well in ad­vance.

EU coun­tries

If you are a cit­izen of an EU mem­ber state, the health in­sur­ance provided by your home coun­try is usu­ally suf­fi­cient. Don’t for­get to take your European in­sur­ance card (e-­card) with you when you go abroad! If you are not an EU cit­izen, be sure to ar­range for the ne­ces­sary in­sur­ance cov­er­age well in ad­vance.

Dur­ing your stay at the part­ner uni­versity


Be­fore your stay abroad, please ask your co­ordin­ator at the part­ner uni­versity whether your tran­script will be is­sued auto­mat­ic­ally or whether you’ll have to spe­cific­ally re­quest it.


For re­cip­i­ents of an Er­asmus+ grant: Please make sure to take the Learn­ing Agree­ment and the Con­firm­a­tion of Stay (both doc­u­ments have to be signed by the part­ner uni­versity) home with you.

Rep­res­ent WU at your host uni­versity’s ex­change fair

Many part­ner uni­versit­ies or­gan­ize so-c­alled “ex­change fairs”, sim­ilar to WU’s Go Global, at which in­com­ing and out­go­ing stu­dents in­tro­duce their host and home uni­versit­ies. If a fair like this takes place while you are study­ing abroad, we would like you to rep­res­ent WU there to in­tro­duce the uni­versity to stu­dents who might be in­ter­ested in spend­ing their ex­change semester in Vi­enna. In­form­a­tion ma­ter­ial for this pur­pose will be sent to the In­ter­na­tional Of­fice of your host uni­versity in ad­vance, and you can find a Power­Point present­a­tion with gen­eral in­form­a­tion on WU here.

Share pho­tos of your stay on In­stagtam us­ing #WUIn­ter­na­tional
Tag your In­s­tagram posts dur­ing your semester abroad with #WUIn­ter­na­tional or send us a photo dir­ectly. We will share the best pic­tures on our ac­count @wuin­ter­na­tion­alof­fice.

After your stay abroad

“Wel­come Back” small group ad­vis­ory meet­ings

The In­ter­na­tional Of­fice of­fers spe­cial group meet­ings to stu­dents re­turn­ing from their semester abroad. These meet­ings are in­ten­ded to make your re­turn easier and provide you with in­form­a­tion on im­port­ant th­ings you need to get done once you’re back in Vi­enna. Please also note that psy­cho­lo­gical coun­sel­ing ser­vices are avail­able for stu­dents re­turn­ing from their stay abroad.

Ob­tain­ing your Tran­script of Re­cords from the part­ner uni­versity

Tran­scripts of Re­cords are usu­ally sent dir­ectly to the In­ter­na­tional Of­fice, where the co­ordin­at­ors will con­firm the au­thenti­city of the doc­u­ments. You will be in­formed by email once the doc­u­ment is ready to be picked up at the IO Front Of­fice (usu­ally 1-2 months after the end of the semester).

Some part­ner uni­versit­ies send their Tran­scripts of Re­cords dir­ectly to the stu­dents via email or postal mail. In case you re­ceive your tran­script dir­ectly from your part­ner uni­versity, please for­ward it to your IO Re­gional Co­ordin­ator by email or bring the un­opened en­vel­ope to the In­ter­na­tional Of­fice to have its au­thenti­city con­firmed.

Please note that the ECTS cred­its you have re­ceived for the courses you at­ten­ded abroad will not auto­mat­ic­ally be trans­ferred to WU. You have to sub­mit an ap­plic­a­tion for credit trans­fer to­wards your WU pro­gram to the Study Reg­u­la­tions & Credit Trans­fer Of­fice, located in the Study Ser­vice Center in the LC build­ing, on level 2. The credit trans­fer pro­cess needs to be fin­ished within three months after your re­turn/the end of your semester at the part­ner uni­versity. To sub­mit the ap­plic­a­tion, you will also need to bring your tran­script, veri­fied by the IO Re­gional Co­ordin­ator. Click here for more in­form­a­tion on re­cog­ni­tion and credit trans­fer. As soon as the credit trans­fer pro­cess has been com­pleted, a copy of your no­ti­fic­a­tion of credit trans­fer must be sub­mit­ted to the In­ter­na­tional Of­fice.

Ex­change re­port

All WU stu­dents who have com­pleted an ex­change semester or­gan­ized by the In­ter­na­tional Of­fice are re­quired to write a re­port on their ex­per­i­ences, in­clud­ing an evalu­ation of the courses taken. The re­ports are re­viewed by the In­ter­na­tional Of­fice and, if com­plete, made avail­able on­line. Please fill out the re­port tem­plate and up­load it here.

Grant form­al­it­ies

After your re­turn to Vi­enna, you have to com­plete several form­al­it­ies re­lated to your grant. Please click this link for fur­ther in­form­a­tion on grants.

Tell fu­ture out­go­ings in our small group ad­vis­ory meet­ings about your ex­per­i­ence

We would love for you to share your ex­per­i­ence with nom­in­ated stu­dents and give them a few tips in our small group ad­vis­ory meet­ings. Please con­tact us for more in­form­a­tion if you are in­ter­ested.

Par­ti­cip­ate in the Go Global ex­change fair

Share your ex­per­i­ences from your stay abroad with pro­spect­ive out­go­ing stu­dents at our an­nual Go Global ex­change fair and rep­res­ent your host uni­versity!