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WU International Summer University Programs and the CUHK Summer Program


Can I apply for more than one ISU program at the same time?

Do I have to fill out the online form twice for my two preferences?

Are my preferences treated equally during the application process?

Are application statistic available?

How important are good grades?

Do I have a disadvantage if I have already spent an exchange semester abroad?

I am an International Business Administration student. Will I be given preference?

Do you have any tips for writing the letter of motivation?

Are there any leftover spots?

Selection process

What is the selection process for WU’s International Summer University programs?

How do the interviews work?

I will not be in the country during the interviews and therefore cannot participate. Will I still be considered for a spot?

Does the timing of my application have an impact on whether or not I will be selected?

Will a late application be a disadvantage for me?

Participation and cancellation


Can I attend the International Summer University if I have already completed all of the exams included in the program offered?

Can I decline a nomination without being barred from future participation in ISUs?

I have applied for an internship or a different exchange program, and I will not hear back from them until later.


Which possibilities are there to transfer ISU credits towards my degree program?

When do I need to take the Intercultural Competence seminar?

Are there any ISU experience reports available for the ISUs organized by WU?

Will I be insured during the ISU program?

How does the application and selection procedure work for programs organized by WU partner universities?