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Credit Transfer

Attention: Credit transfer of exams already completed before admission must be applied for by the end of the 2nd semester at the latest. This statutory provision shall take effect on October 1, 2022.

At the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, the counting of the 2 semesters for all students will start from WS 2022/23. Accordingly, you have to apply for credit transfer of exams that you have completed before admission until 30 September 2023.

SB credit transfers are not affected by this change and will still be possible after September 30, 2023.

During the holidays the team of Study Regulations & Credit Transfer is not available to you personally.

Please send your applications for credit transfer by e-mail to

Applications by e-mail will only be accepted on working days. This means that applications sent on weekends or public holidays are considered to have been submitted on the following working day and the decision period does not begin to run until this day.

If you wish an individual consultation for special requests, please make an appointment here.

Self-service credit transfer: From bachelor’s program to bachelor’s program, or from the academic programs to the bachelor’s programs Business Law and Business, Economics and Social Sciences 12

For examinations taken in Austria

For examinations taken abroad

Online Credit Transfer Database for students

Concurrent enrollment at another university

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PLEASE NOTE: Once you have been issued a credit transfer notification and no further legal remedies are available (because you have waived your right to appeal or the appeal period has expired), the transferred examinations can no longer be deleted from your transcript. Exchanging transferred exams for other, previously transferred exams, is also only possible under certain specific conditions.


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