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Subject Examination (FP)

Students have to sign up for subject examinations (Fachprüfungen, FP) online via LPIS (including examinations by a panel of examiners). Students who do not take the oral part of the exam immediately after the written part (i.e. at the first available date after the written exam) are required to sign up separately for the oral part by sending an email to the Examinations Office.

The deadline for signing up is the day (at 11:59pm) one week before the scheduled date of the respective subject examination.

Subject Examination with written exam and Oral exam

Subject examinations consist of a written and an oral examination. The oral exam can only be taken after the written exam has been passed.

Here you will find all information on Examination Attempts, Repeat Examinations, Examinations by a Panel, Grading Periods and much more.

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Please make sure to familiarize yourself with current regulations on the conduct of examinations. For detailed information, please see the Directive on the Administration of Examinations  (in German) issued by the Vice-Rector for Academic Programs and Student Affairs and the WU Examination Regulations.