Studierende sitzen in der Wiese vor dem D4

Your sustainable exchange stay at WU

Climate change and the linked grand challenges underline the necessity for sustainable mobility. As a responsible university, we want to provide you with information on how to make sustainable and environmental-friendly choices. When it comes to international student exchange, there are lots of options for you to make a positive impact: be it by choosing your means of transportation, having a responsible consumer behavior, or by participating in student initiatives. We are convinced that the future is best shaped together.

Your green travel to Vienna

In this picture, you see a group of students walking on Campus WU. In the background, you can see trees of the Prater park.

If you travel to Vienna from a European country, please check if there is a bus or train connection. Provided you have been nominated for an exchange through the Erasmus+ program (within the new program generation 2021-2027), you have the possibility to receive a green travel grant. If this applies to you and you need more information, please contact the international office at your home university.

If you are traveling by plane from an overseas country, check if you can book a direct flight. If this is financially possible for you, it is the greener alternative to flights with stopovers. Also keep in mind that some airlines offer compensation payments that can be added to your ticket price.

Your mobility in Vienna and Austria

Here, we see a young woman on her bicycle. She is smiling and making a stop at Campus WU.
Public transportation in Vienna

Vienna has an outstanding public transportation network, which includes night buses during the week and 24-hour subway service on weekends. Students can purchase a student semester ticket at a reduced price and get unlimited access to the network for an entire semester (see our website Your semester at WU from start to finish for more details).

Using the bicycle in Vienna

Vienna is a city with numerous bike paths. In addition to public transport, the bicycle is also an attractive and environment-friendly option for urban mobility. You can rent a bicycle e.g. from WienMobil Rad (website only available in German). Just download the app for free, register (1€ will be booked to verify your account, but you can use it for cycling), and find a bicycle close by. Scan the QR-Code of the bike with the app to use the bike and cycle on! You can return the bike on any WienMobil Bike Station, the fee will be booked automatically through the app. The price for using a bike for 30 minutes is €0.60 and with the student semester ticket you can get a 50% discount.

Other commercial providers are EDDI Bike and Swapfiets. Both providers offer bicycle rentals on a monthly basis and their offers include serivces such as repairs. If you want to learn more, you can visit the FAQ area of EDDI Bike or Swapfiets. If you plan to use the bicycle often during your exchange stay, renting a bike might be a reasonable option.

Touristic travel in Austria and Europe

In case you plan to travel within Austria during your exchange stay, we advise to take the bus or train. The best-known providers for train travel are the Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB) and the Westbahn. If you travel more often you may benefit from the discount card, ÖBB Vorteilscard. After purchase, you can get a 50% discount on all ÖBB standard single tickets within Austria and until December 9, 2023, you can get a 15% discount on selected cross-border rail journeys (see Railplus: participating railways). For trips to other EU countries, the train is also a suitable means of transportation.

To discover Europe by train, it is worth purchasing an Interrail pass. Once you have registered your residence in Vienna, you are able to purchase one. You can see the destinations connected by using this interactive map. When planning your trip(s), make use of the online trip planner to find out which pass is the right one for you. For longer trips within Europe, we recommend the Global Pass which allows for flexible travel days and scheduling.

Sustainable housing & living

OeAD student housing

Student residences of OeAD student housing are designed and constructed as passive houses, which are equipped with solar and/or photovoltaic systems. The residence halls offer a high level of living comfort, prove to be energy efficient and help to keep down your carbon footprint. For more information, please read the web page OeAD student housing - Responsibility.

Online portal for used goods

Most student housing options are already partially furnished when you move in. If you need additional furniture, your own bicycle or think about other purchases, it is worth taking a look at online portals such as (website only available in German). This website is similar to eBay and well-known in Austria. At the end of your exchange stay, you might want to donate or sell items you no longer need. If you plan to donate furniture or similar items, consider the charity Caritas (website only available in German). This way, you make others happy and do good for the environment.

Student organizations & initiatives

A group of students sits on grass and is having lively discussion.

Are you interested in sustainability? Then you can get involved with student organizations or initiatives during your exchange in Vienna. In this regard, the website of WU's Competence Center for Sustainability Transformation and Responsibility (STaR) is a good starting point since it offers an overview and highlights possibilities for engagement.

WU offers several opportunities for participation. With WU's Green Buddies, you can learn more about WU's efforts on sustainability (note that most information is provided in German). To get in touch with other student groups involved in environmental and social sustainability initiatives, click here.

  • Bring Your Own Box: If you buy lunch at Campus WU, you can bring your own lunch box. This way, unnecessary single-use packaging and waste can be avoided. Participating gastronomies are Das Campus, WU Mensa, Library Café, Baschly, and Finn.

  • Coffee to go cup: For just €1, a reusable coffee cup can be purchased at participating gastronomy businesses and at the WU Shop. On Campus WU, WU Mensa, Library Café, and Finn are participating. When you return the cup, you will receive a voucher worth €1. This voucher can then be redeemed at all partners. There is also a return machine set up on campus (next to the Teaching Center/garage exit P1, Trabrennstraße).

  • The students' union ÖH WU provides an online marketplace for used academic books. You can find their opening hours and a list of available books online (website only available in German).

Did you know?

Here you see a green icon of a plant.
  • In Vienna, the tap water is of excellent quality and drinkable. At Campus WU, you can fill up your bottles on levels 3, 4, and 5 in the Central Library, and in the Library for Law.

  • We separate waste so that the following recycling process can be as energy efficient as possible.

  • With EcoPassenger, you can compare your emissions and other environmental impacts by means of transport (for travels within Europe and Russia).