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Student Organizations

STaR is proud to support student-driven environmental and social sustainability initiatives  on and beyond our campus. We maintain close contact with various student organizations as well as with individual student volunteers. Take a look below and get involved!

[STaR is not responsible for the contents of linked websites or social media and does not necessarily endorse the views expressed within them; please also note that some information may available only in German]

OIKOS Vienna


oikos Vienna is one of the two local Austrian chapters of oikos International. The chapter is located at WU, but its activities are open to students in any of the higher education institutions in Vienna. oikos Vienna is involved in several annual core projects: WU SDG-Day, oikos knowing, Edutopia and the oikos blog. Contact oikos using the details below and get involved!

Activities include regular meetings, DIY workshops and movie nights (in cooperation with ÖH Umweltreferat), expert talks, summer school, blog entries, ecomap expansion.



ÖH WU Umweltreferat


Umweltreferat is the branch of WU’s official student union (ÖH), concerned with causes of environmental destruction, sociopolitical issues, and the resulting problems. Together with partners at and beyond WU, its members are committed to creating a more environmentally friendly university, city, and international community, and to facilitating a critical dialogue on the topic by students for students.

Activities include DIY workshops and movie nights(in cooperation with oikos), articles in Steil magazine, poetry slams, “Stammtische” with experts.



Ökosoziales Studierendenforum


ÖSSFO is a group of students and alumni from several universities and registered as a nonprofit association. Its members are committed to ecosocial, social, and economic paradigms such as the ecosocial market economy and the Global Marshall Plan, and other concepts that combine ecological responsibility, social justice, and economic fairness. Their vision is a globally just society and harmonious sustainable development.

Activities include operating the Master Thesis Portal, upcycling workshops, EcoSocial Training, WU SDG-Day, excursions, and newsletters as well as different projects in collaboration with other organizations.



Students for Future WU


Students for Future WU is a chapter of Students for Future Vienna, a spinoff of the FridaysforFuture movement started by Greta Thunberg. Their core concern is with the climate breakdown and resulting social injustice. They are also involved in other initiatives such as promoting greener travel and creating consumption-free spaces for students, all with the goal of improving sustainability on the WU campus. 

Activities include panel discussions, a "Meet WU Experts" video series, a booth at the WU Summer Festival (Sommerfest), WU SDG-Day; collaboration with FridaysForFuture, oikos, and other organizations.





The Thinkubator is a venture that aims to bridge the knowledge-action gap in climate science. During a four-month program, Thinkubator fellows gather scientific results on specific issues in the field of circular economy. Based on these scientific results, the fellows develop new social business strategies and establish companies and organizations. The Thinkubator acts as program host and incubator for sustainable social business.


Master's Clubs

Below are some of the student-driven sustainability initiatives in master’s programs. Note that not all master's programs have a club. Check if your cohort has a sustainability agenda:

  • MSc International Management / CEMS - CEMS Club Vienna CSR Team

  • CEMS Club Vienna (CCV) 2021-2022 sustainable performance report is available for download here.

Or does not have one yet that we are aware of:

  • MSc Economics

  • MSc Digital Economy

  • MSc Information Systems

  • MSc Marketing

  • MSc Quantitative Finance

  • MSc Socio-​Ecological Economics and Policy (SEEP)

  • MSc Strategy, Innovation, and Management Control (SIMC)

  • MSc Supply Chain Management

  • LLM Wirtschaftsrecht

  • MSc Export-​ und Internationalisierungs​management

  • MSc Finanzwirtschaft und Rechnungswesen

  • MSc Management

  • MSc Sozioökonomie

  • MSc Steuern und Rechnungslegung

  • MSc Wirtschaftspädagogik

If your program has recently started a sustainability initiative, let us know at