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BA/MA Theses: Writing for Impact

Enrich your studies with IMPACT! By writing your thesis on environmental and/or social sustainability issues, you will not only expand your awareness and knowledge but will also contribute to the wider research community. To further help you in deciding on your thesis topic, we have compiled a list of faculty members from over 50 WU Institutes and their research areas. As you probably know, at WU Vienna you can write your thesis at any Department/Institute. You will see there are a great many possibilities!

Before you look at the list, please note that:

  • The list is for informational purposes only. The STaR team is not responsible for changes in the content of individual Institutes’ websites.

  • Supervision requirements vary greatly among departments and institutes. STaR does not provide information on how to submit a thesis proposal. Please visit the Institutes’ websites or contact potential supervisors. 

  • Generally, at WU, theses can be written in German or English. Writing in another language may also be an option at the Department of Foreign Language Business Communication. Please inquire with your potential supervisor.

  • The STaR Competence Center does not directly engage in theses supervision.

WU Theses on Sustainability Supervisors


If you are interested in sustainability topics covered by the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda, visit our SDG-Hub page and explore our SDG-video series.

  • You may also find inspiration by browsing the WU Theses Catalogue. It allows searching for already completed master’s and PhD theses by topic, keyword, and author’s name.

  • If you would like to write your master’s thesis with an external organization, company, or scientist, also check the Master Thesis Portal of ÖSSFO in cooperation with the Ministry of Education.

Find your WHY

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Learn from others and their theses writing experiences!

If you have recently completed your BA/MA thesis on a sustainability-related topic, we would love to hear from you: star@wu.ac.at  


Bachelor's Business & Economics Theses

Adna Ahmic, on changes in the world of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic
Liliia Akatova, on positioning the circular city within sustainability discourse
Sümeyye Cekic, on flexibilisation of working hours
Anna Derfler, on circular economy and fashion industry
Aleksandar Dimitrijevic, on combating profit shifting and tax evasion
Clara Halmdienst, on Viennese Kultur Token app's potential impact on mobility
Marco A. Hans, on theses written with external organisations at WU
Magdalena Junez, on the sharing economy market
Constanze Kero, on communication of SDGs
Alena Kletecka, on extraction of palm oil and related impacts
Marlene Leonhartsberger, on multinationals, sustainable development and lower-income countries
Lucia Mack, on the Green Economy
Csaba Meskó, on sustainability strategies of Hungarian companies
Marlena Niedl, on consumer participation in Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
Georg Ponleitner, on the communication of plastic reduction in supermarkets
Gabriel J. Schuster, on hydrogen fuel cell trucks
Sophie-Magdalena Thalmayr, on the political impact of multinaltionals in emerging economies
Susan Üstün, on gender sensitive language in public communications
Denise Waglechner, on the sustainability of reducing working time
Antonia Weissenberger, on the role of online trade as a sustainable distribution channel for food
Connor Wheatley, on non-financial risk reporting
Christoph Wolf, on microtargeting and its use in political campaigns

Bachelor's Business Law Theses

Veronika Reisinger, on civil climate litigation

Master's Theses

Victoria-Maria Bernegger, on sustainable consumer decisions
Monika Bucha, on complaints in environmental law
Ines Habermeyer, on the influence of the "Greta effect" on buying behavior
Alena Kletecka on the Environmental performance of international companies with a focus on sustainability reporting
Chiara Kresbach, on conscious fashion consumption
Pratik P. Patil, on the evolution of technology and social structures
Theresa Peneder, on circular economy in the fashion industry
Anna Wagner, on inclusion of persons with disabilities in climate justice movements
Mara Weiß, on mining and social conflict
Marina Zaremba (WU EA PMBA), on the ethical implications in e-commerce

[All student interviews are in their own words, and not edited for language]