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Univ. Prof. Dr. Ingolfur Blühdorn

Institute Head

Research interests: Social Change, Sustainability, Social Movements, emancipatory Politics, Social and Democracy Theorie

Dr Hausknost, Daniel Mag. Ass. Prof.

Deputy of Institute Head

Research interests: democracy and sustainability; societal transformations, theories of the state, political and social movements


Dr Butzlaff, Felix Mag. Univ. Ass.

Research interests: Democratic research, actual and historical development of societies; parties, and party systems, citizen demonstrations. Contact: 

Mag. Mock, Mirijam Univ. Ass. (Pre-Doc) (on maternity leave)

Research interests: social practice theory, sharing economy, sustainable consumption, theories of modern societies


Leonie Bleiker, MSc

Research interests: transformative economics, science and normativity, normative foundations of economics and sciences, philosophy of economics, ethics in sustainability


Deflorian, Michael MA Univ. Ass. (Pre-Doc)

Research Interests: Collective Alternative Everyday Practices, Prefigurative Politics, Post-Growth Societies, Theories of Modern Society, Subject Theory


Hauke Dannemann, MSc


Research interests: Environmental Sociology and Politics, Theoretical Sociology, Gender and Sustainability, Post-Growth Societies, Degrowth

Dr. Haderer, Margaret Mag., MA


Forschungsinteressen: Gesellschaftliche Transformation(en), urbaner Raum, politische Ideologien, lokale Politik, Politische Theorie, Sozialtheorie, Raumtheorie

Kalke, Karoline MSc

Research interests: New Social Movements, Societal Transformation, Subject Theories, Social Practice Theory, Work, Digitalisation, and Democracy.


Alina Bärnthaler

Research interests: urban sociology and economics, sustainable urban development, social change